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  1. We will see ..that is your opinion..I saw Carlisle in 2
  2. I didnt say that . I merely stated we had played and beat them once this season and our #1 didnt even pitch that game. It should be a good series. We will see who comes out on top. Carlisle get your game faces on!!!
  3. Anything can happen in the playoffs..thats why lovelady, cayuga, and evadale are already out. i'm taking Carlisle in 2 if not then 3.
  4. I'm taking Carlisle in this series. We are looking strong. We played well against Maud and we did beat Douglass i think 6-2 or 7-2 in a tournament earlier this year. That game was pitched by Sanders, so they didnt even see Gunner. Lets come out and take this series ....Go Carlisle, get your game faces on!!!!
  5. someone posted on smoaky driller park...but I dont know if thats true or not
  6. Go Indians!!!....and I mean the Carlisle Indians since it is an Indians-Indians matchup!
  7. So Douglass won their series against Lovelady? Any idea where they might play at?
  8. Carlisle wins 8-2!!!! way to take care of those cardinals Indians!!!! we await the lovelady-douglass winner!
  9. who cares...it was a no-hitter for Gunner and a win for Carlisle...that's all that matters!
  10. great job Indians...way to bring home game 1....lets finish em off sat afternoon!
  11. Great job Gunner and the Indians...way to take game 1 !!!!
  12. I'm taking my Indians...Bring it home boys!
  13. Carlisle takes game 2 from Honey Grove 4-1...awaits winner of Cross Roads and Maud.
  14. great game Indians...lets bring home the win Saturday too!
  15. We will see. Carlisle can hit and field. They are a pretty scrappy team and young too with only one sr. Only time will tell
  16. You can't go by how a team did against another team. Just like in football it comes down to the playoffs and district numbers can be thrown out. Mt E did beat Carlisle and Overton ONCE...they lost in the other games. There are many good teams in 1A and I would put Carlisle up against any of them.
  17. you are wrong...Carlisle will continue to win...Go Tribe!
  18. Sat Nov 20th in Fairfield according to our schools website
  19. anyone know where this game might be played at?
  20. Does anyone know what Normangee or Hull Daisetta is like this year? Records and teams played?
  21. Rooting for my Carlisle Indians in 1A all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. A 9-1 regular season and a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs..can't beat that!....Great job guys!....Go Indians!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Stang23....we told you to stop playing your madden..lol...get out of your dream world, NO WAY overton wins by 40. Carlisle by 14
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