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  1. I'll take Carlisle...Overton couldn't beat Grapeland and they wont beat us. I believe it should be much , not mush, lol
  2. Rematch from last yr which was a great series played in Marshall at ETBU. I think Carlisle will take it , hopefully in 2 games so we can keep our undefeated record intact. Go Indians.....all the way to state!!!!
  3. And just who do you represent ? just curious. and I think the perfect finish they are talking about is the regular season
  4. Well everybody has their opinions and I think Carlisle is the best 1A team in the state.
  5. thats pretty bad downing Carlisle players and putting your henderson players up to levels like they are the best around. I'm pretty sure Carlisle will be going pretty far in the 1A playoffs, not sure I can say the same for Henderson in 4A. Have you even been to a Carlisle game this yr or are you just looking at stats in the paper? you've got no class in my book
  6. Thanks for the support on that post Ty. Your right, obviously he has never came to a game. I am proud the guys finished undefeated, it is an accomplishment at any level. Hopefully we will ride that through the playoffs and to a state championship title. By the way how did the rest of our district finish up? Just curious
  7. How did Carlisle-Hawkins game come out? It was 9-0 Carlisle in 3rd inning when I had to leave.
  8. I think Dillon Heim would have something to say about that
  9. top 2 look correct cobb and I dont think LC has a win..not sure about the others.
  10. I just like to smack talk like some of the others do..cobb is right we just pick at each other on here. I mean nothing by it...guess I should sound confident and do it w/o being cocky.
  11. No not at all. I just used the last post to reply to the thread. It was actually directed toward a few others who seem to have an issue with our players and where they came from. They just can't seem to grasp the fact that they have gotten beat twice by a better team, an undefeated #1 ranked team. So no it wasnt directed towards you at all. I apologize if it seemed that way.
  12. Give it up!...Just like someone else said every team has players who once went to other schools. I hope overton loses its hold on 2nd and has to sit at home instead of being in the playoffs. What a bunch of big crybaby's , griping about players and where they used to live.
  13. Overton's fans always have excuses when they lose. You better stop worrying about us and start thinking about keeping that hold on 2nd
  14. what a big crybaby!....Just like I said earlier Overton would get beat and boy did they. Carlisle pounds Overton 11-3...still undefeated!!!!
  15. I agree it will be another good one, but we will come out with another W and send those mustangs back down 42 with another L
  16. Cobb doesnt matter how many innings the first game went. We got a W and thats all that matters in the standings right? I just figured i'd do some talking about friday's game since no one on here seems to be doing any. You are right about one thing, it is a rivalry game so you know it will be a good one. I'm just confident in our players and their ability to win. Oh and the game has been moved up to 4pm for those of you who are thinking about going to it.
  17. No need to complain about errors, you just got beat by a better team. Next victim , Overton on Friday. Time to go to 10-0.
  18. haha yep Cobb...who do ya'll play?
  19. thats funny cobb....i was just picking at you. I didnt know we were taking a spelling test either..bulldog backer's got a lot of room to talk, we beat his team too
  20. I will type this really slow so you understand this ....I was pointing out your misspelling of the word finest..
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