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  1. And therein lies the rub. If you would have just come out and said that was what you had a problem with at the outset we all could have saved a lot of typing and wasted effort trying to have a decent conversation about the game. It would be much better for all concerned if next time you just lead off with a comment like "I'd be good too if I was 19 yrs old and still playing football." That way we could all just focus on your unbelievably ignorant comment right away versus trying to discuss the game. Also, you might just try to stick to the facts of the game versus trying to play Dr Psychology with all of us "poor ole country" Alto fans by offering your diagnosis on player attitude. As to your comments about grammar, let's just say my care-meter just registered zero.



    No I got tired of hearing bout how he's a great player this and great player that and what ya'll fail to mention is that he's been at Alto HS for 5 yrs...And as far as player attitude I call it like I see it on the field. You alto people are full of yourselves just because you've won back to back championships. Too bad you wont' this year. I believe Maud is the team to beat..

  2. cut indiansin07 some slack, he can't help it, when you have an head coach like they do that runs his mouth and has an attitude its bound to rub off on others around



    Our coach is one heck of a coach, he's been a winner everywhere he's went

  3. two teams that are state-ranked in their respective classes; Chapel Hill and Arp


    two of the top running backs in 3A; Chris Whaley (Madisonville) and Tucker (Chapel Hill)


    Westwood is battle-tested, do not be fooled by the 2-3 record.


    what can be said about Brownsboro? i know they average like 40 pts a game, but it looks like the teams that they played didn't even put up much of a fight. imo



    ok who did they play in the other 3 games. We will see on friday night if they hang 30 or 40 on you

  4. I agree that both teams had their ups and downs during this game. However, in the end, it was Alto's night. Alto has a good team -- maybe not the same level as the two previous years -- but I don't know of many (if any) schools who have had three back to back state championship teams. Regardless, there is no reason to "bash" individual players. I would definitely say that Alto's #1 is a great player who plays each game with a lot of heart. If Alto keeps it together, gives each game their all, and keep their injuries down, they could very well make a deep playoff run. :notworthy: That being said, it is time to get past last week and focus on next week. Good luck Jackets!



    I'd be good too if I was 19 yrs old and still playing football.

  5. i think grapeland comes away with a win here i havent seen them play yet this year but i saw carlisle the first game of the year against bowie and i wasn't to impressed



    We played bad in the bowie game and it was the first game playing in wing t...we have improved since then, ask alto ..we gave them a good game despite both teams having alot of turnovers. I see this being a close game which Carlisle will take

  6. District is here and two contenders for the District Crown will sqare off in the opening week. Westwood has gotten a spark from sophmore QB Tevin Watson and D.J Morrow will return at running back from Groin injury that has had him sidelined. Look for big yards from both as Westwood outlast Brownsboro 42 - 35



    i'm going to take brownsboro in this one, being a former graduate I think we have too much for westwood to stop. Plus we will be looking to get back on track after that loss against rains

  7. :happy65: lol.I'm very sorry about my grammar,I will try harder.And as far a Carlisle playing a heck of a second half maybe, but I think Alto just played a horrible second half.Good luck with Grapeland you are going to need it. :whome:



    Well you can say the same thing about us. We played a great second half , but a horrible first half because of the turnovers. I think overall it was a good game , we both had a bad half and a good half.

  8. Thats very true they are not as good as the 2 state championship team BUT you should thank your lucky stars that it wasnt our 2007 team y"all never would even scored...And as for as # 1 being a baby I'll take him over your hole team .He's more a player than anyone Carlisle has.So don't be bashing any player we have because y'all don't any as good.... :thumbsup: Y'all lost bottom line. Carlisle as a good team i hate to a fan get on here and talk trash about the other team that just bet them.



    If you read my post,I said Alto did play a good game. I was not trying to talk trash,I was just stating facts. And as far as #1 goes,he maybe a good player, but he has a big attitude problem. You got to admit though we may not be as talented as your whole team, but we have heart and we played a heck of a 2nd half. Oh and before you post you might want to spell check you have so many grammar errors in your post. I think Cayuga will take Alto when they play them depending on which Alto team shows up.

  9. This Alto team is just so hard to figure out. They look great at times and then I don't know what to think at other times. Alto played about as well as anybody around the 1st half up 28-0 only giving up 1 first down I believe then come out the 2nd half and fumble 3 plays in a row.


    Same in Grapeland game, looked so-so 1st half, then played awesome the 2nd half of that game.


    If they'd play a whole game like they are capable Alto can beat anybody they play the rest of the way.



    Alto did play a good game in the first half. We had 2 turnovers that hurt us real bad. But in the 2nd half we put it to Alto, they scored zero points in the second half to our 20. Good game by both teams. We put the licking on a few Alto players, i'm sure #1 will be sore tommorrow morning, he got layed out on one hit. I agree refs were terrible but it was mostly not calling holding on Alto, they were doing it the whole night! Overall, Alto did not impress me that much. They are not anything like the state championship teams of the past two years . I think Cayuga will have no problem with Alto when they play them next week . I also thought it was funny that Alto's band played our tomahawk song. They are no match for our band although their trumpet solo was good. I don't see Alto winning our district, if Cayuga plays like they can they will win district. Oh and by the way # 1 on Alto has got a little attitude on the field , take the hits like a man and stop being a baby and trying to fight with other players.

  10. I bet the coach wont underestmate anyone in their district. :thumbsup: I guess we better get something to eat before we get there toooo :happy65:



    Alto still thinks they are the best ..I hope they get upset tomm night and get put in their place . Yes our visitors side is small, but we do have a concession there and we will gladly take your money...lol...

  11. I'll get started early.First year to play Carlisle so I'm looking forward to it. I'm going with Alto here if their defence plays like they did against Grapeland it could be a long night for Carlisle......I hope no one was hurt to bad last night. We had a couple players shaken up but i bet they will be ready to play Friday.Good luck to both teams ..... SO WHO WINS IT :happy65:



    I'd like to see a big upset here and give Alto loss # 3...

  12. If you have not seen Carlisle play then you better think twice before you post. IMO they are better than last year. Week zero score is no indication of this football team. Well coached team. Kids really buy into system and play with a passion. Will be more than heard from in this district.



    Carlisle is playing well this year and they always play hard for Coach Baker. Hopefully we pull one out against Cayuga. We've got a tough stretch against Cayuga, Alto and Grapeland back to back and need to pull out some wins. Go Indians.

  13. I really dont thank that will happen,no one else has been able to stop him.



    Thats ok people have been doubting us all year so far and we've pulled together 3 wins in a row. Plus we beat them in a close one last year. I guess someone was able to stop him friday night, Cayuga got beat. We will see friday night

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