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  1. Up at the very top where we should be..7-0 !!!!
  2. Carlisle 16 Union Hill 0 Indians 5-0 ...woo hoo
  3. 4-0 Great start to district Indians...long way to go, but great out of the gate...
  4. I'm not going to get into this with you. Carlisle is improving education wise and thats all I was trying to point out. You are the one that brought up academics go back and look at the posts, so I am not guilty by association.
  5. well fella show me where i brought it into the sports program. You mentioned it first, I was just replying to your comment.
  6. We can't pick for the pollsters, we just play our games and take our W's . Overton WILL NOT beat CHS next game. I say this because my school spirit is great too.
  7. I'm not being sensitive. This is a sports board, not academics. Oh and by the way you need to check out our UIL academic awards , we have got many this year already. What school do you support by the way?
  8. There is where your ignorance comes in. Just like any other rivalry you and I both know that when 2 rivals face each other you can throw the records and rankings out because anything can happen. If I remember right both games last year were dogfights. I apologize you did say not making excuses when you started your post. As far as the calls go they missed some on both sides. The old man behind the plate was horrible. I saw many strikes that Coleman threw that were called the other way. You graduated from Carlisle and you can't even support your old school. I think we are the only two trash talking , where is everyone else?...haha
  9. sounds like excuses to me . Good game, you just got beat by a better team.
  10. great game. Coleman pitched a great game and simmons came on in the 8th to close it out. Clutch hits at the end by Carlisle. One more on friday and we can finish a tough week 3-0 . No reason to take jabs at a school's academics
  11. well if you play like c-r-a-p today then you will get your butt kicked by Carlisle
  12. always a tough game, but I believe Carlisle takes Round 1. We will see this afternoon though!..Go INDIANS!!!!!!!
  13. you people always harp on that even during football season. We've got a good team , deal with it. We will beat Overton tomm evening
  14. You are right, Carlisle will have something to say at the end about who wins district. But it is still way too early to start talking bout that
  15. so no one from overton knows the score...i guess you only get on and talk smack during football season.
  16. I know the Mustangs beat our boys , but how did the girls game end up?
  17. sounds like someone got over confident that they were going to beat Cayuga..haha..Go Cayuga bring back a state title to east texas and represent our district !!!
  18. you cant compare past games and base your winner on that . Thats plain silly.
  19. haha..and you know i'll be messin with you right back. I can't wait for baseball season, my favorite sport. Carlisle and Overton will be the ones to beat for sure.
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