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  1. you cant compare past games and base your winner on that . Thats plain silly.
  2. haha..and you know i'll be messin with you right back. I can't wait for baseball season, my favorite sport. Carlisle and Overton will be the ones to beat for sure.
  3. Carlisle will be up there for sure!!!
  4. Thats a joke. We destroyed Colemsneil . What team are you talking about when you say ours? Cushing stands no chance ..Go Indians!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Don't compare past games. I think we beat Cushing handily. No turnovers won't help Cushing out. What game did you see we have speed and strength.
  6. Who takes this one? I say Carlisle 42-0
  7. hey howbout...they do all the talking during the week then come gametime and after they don't show their face after getting beat handily..lol...Go Indians...make it 2 in a row next week!
  8. no comment about the game mustangmania after all that talk....I only see one post by ya'll after the game.
  9. looks to me that palestine had a big problem with da bears..they lost 37-7
  10. looks like your 5 people were quiet most of the night. Too bad your team couldn't back up all that talking you've been doing all week. Your team's defense had no answer for Bull (#32) or Stewart (#4) , better luck next year . I do believe that makes 2 straight!! Oh and where was your boy Darden all night ? All I saw him do was drop a pass and do a punt . INDIANS 42 overton 21..nuff said
  11. you know we are talking about the football game in this thread not baseball...hahahahaha hey mustang any word on the JH and JV scores from tonight?? just curious
  12. i'm not coming around stang...that was a bit of sarcasm , guess you didnt get it :bangin: ..lol
  13. yeah ya'll really took the fight out of us last year...
  14. Yeah I forgot ...everyone from Overton is a scholar or a genius...lol
  15. You can say the same about Overton too.
  16. that seems like standard reply from someone from Overton. Doesn't matter we will beat ya'll friday night and prove everyone wrong.
  17. you dont know anything about the carlisle/overton football games txgolfer. We played ya'll close and ya'll blew them out. Good luck with Cayuga in 2 weeks, your gonna need it!
  18. It's ok Coach Baker will have the team ready to go against ya'll just like last year when we sent ya'll back down 42 with what I remember was a blowout win for us.
  19. yeah too bad you dont have this one. It probably wont be the drubbing we gave ya'll last year, but we will beat ya'll this year. I don't think you will be able to stop the wing t offense. What was Darden's injury? I heard he got hurt in friday nights game. You better hope he plays to have any chance against us. We will see how it turns out friday night though . I know our boys will come out to play playoffs or not.
  20. I think Indians take this game against their rival. What's everyone's thoughts?
  21. by as much as you want. cross roads is not any good...cayuga put 53 on them last night
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