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  1. You should blow them out if you play a good game. We (Carlisle) beat them 56-0 on Friday night. We put their starting QB out of the game, not sure how bad he's injured. You know anything about Hawkins?
  2. Who takes it? Does anyone know anything about Hawkins this year? All I know is that they are 0-3 after this friday nights game
  3. well when i left after the 4th quarter was over tonight, the final score read Carlisle 56 Union Hill 0. UH didn't score a point much less 42...hahahaha....bet that was a long bus ride back home. Go Indians 2-1 now....bring on the next opponent...
  4. Did you play that on a video game ?..Thats wishful thinking if you think your putting 42 up on us. I think its gonna be a better game than that. Coach Baker will have Carlisle ready to play,plus its homecoming so even more motivation to play hard
  5. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on this game. It's Carlisle's homecoming by the way
  6. Carlisle is not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. We did lose alot of good starters, but we have some skilled guys at key positions. You might want to check your sentence structure, last time I checked will get pretty dang badly is not correct grammar.
  7. I agree that we did lose alot to graduation, but we still have some good players there. As far as owning us the past few years you might need to research your information a little more. Last year's game was a blowout , but I believe we did beat ya'll 14-12 a few yrs back when we suprised everyone and won district.
  8. too bad maud didnt' make state...better luck next yr. Congrats West Sabine
  9. I was just pointing out a fact and yes i'm sure he did it out of frustration for striking out , but be a good sport and take the bat and say thanks. It doesnt matter though , you won't win state
  10. Cross Roads watch out for #7 he is a big crybaby when he strikes out and has a bad attitude. Tell your catcher not to hand the bat to him if he fouls one off, he'll just yank it out of your hands....Go CR win in 2 and send Maud home
  11. Go Crossroads. I would say good job , but some of your fans are rude. The one coach in the stands was mouthing both times he was there friday night and #7 on ur team is a big baby. Our catcher was kind enough to give him the bat back after a foul ball and he just jerked it out of his hand and then to throw the bat in the dugout after a strikeout..grow up your not in elementary school
  12. I agree with Carlisle in 2, but Grapeland is not a sure thing...they had to go 3 games with Cushing
  13. When you have 2 really good pitchers like Wedel and Coleman you can talk big. We will see how the games go though, its gonna be a good series b/w 2 good teams
  14. Maud will be sent packing...Go Indians
  15. Who takes this one?..my money is on Carlisle
  16. wow. It was all the talk on here last week about who grapeland would face in the regional finals. Now they have to win game 3 of this series to even make the next round.
  17. They didnt last long. i'm not sure whose in their district, but they got beat in game 2 18-0. They left their starter in the whole 5 innings. They didn't get a hit off of wedel. Next series is against North Hopkins. First game at Carlisle next friday
  18. Game 1 - Carlisle 19 Martin's Mill 0 Carlisle looks to close out series today at 4 and await next round opponent. Go Indians!!!!!
  19. Does anyone know the scores from last night? Also who will Carlisle play in the playoffs..I heard Yantis was the 1st opponent, if so that we be a blowout. We beat Fruitvale bad this year and they beat Yantis last night with a 1 hitter
  20. I agree Carlisle vs. Overton will decide 1 and 2...Go get em' Indians..take first and represent 20A in the playoffs the same way you did last yr
  21. Carlisle 32 Tenaha 0...yes that score is right.. Carlisle batted around in 1st scoring 9 runs. About 14K's combined for Wedel, Clark, and Coleman.
  22. Beckville got beat because Carlisle is the better team. Stop making excuses for your losses.Beckville is at best 3rd in district behind Carlisle and Overton
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