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  1. Does anyone know who won championship of tourney b/w carlisle and cross roads?
  2. that's just plain crazy....its way too early to be predicting playoffs for next yr..2 a days are no where close to starting, anything can happen b/w now and august
  3. biggest losers in 1A are Carlisle and Overton, we are in a district with Alto now..
  4. Anybody got the score on this game from last night?
  5. Carlisle will come back out on top again this yr!!!
  6. anyone got the score on the game?
  7. Ok we will see how the last 3 games of district turns out. Keeping it nice, where is your proof that Carlisle recruits? just wondering
  8. District representatives will be Mt, Joaquin, and Carlisle...just dont know the order of finish
  9. I just said what I heard someone say in another post on here about the practices, so that is from a third person. I could care less how much they practice, they had no chance friday night. Oh and as far as getting another hobby, maybe you should also since you are on here commenting. We have a good JV and will beat you more than 3 yrs in a row. How are we winning games? I would say Seider is just pounding it down teams throats and when he's not Moore is running wild . You need to go home and cry and pray Overton wins a district game this yr
  10. Carlisle doesnt go to Henderson to recruit players. Don't be mad because Overton stinks and is in last place in the district. It would help if they practiced longer . I read in a post on here that Overton's practices arent that long. Oh yeah we aren't that good . We went 12-2 last yr and we are 6-1 this year.
  11. I'm tired of people in this district complaining about the refs, grow up! If you hate how they call the games then go and learn how to call games and be a ref yourselves.
  12. As much as I hate to say this , the game will be over after the first quarter. Overton has no chance. Our game was over after the first quarter
  13. your right about that...i even had the score in the first post. I just wanted to get thoughts from people what they thought about the game if they were there.
  14. well I see beckville got beat, so they will have 2 losses in a row now...Go Indians!
  15. what are your thoughts on this game?
  16. dont know but neither one of them are that good...carlisle dominated both sides of the ball
  17. when carlisle wins big no one has anything to say ...its only when we get beat huh?
  18. total domination by the Indians 48-0 :happy65: :happy65:
  19. Congrats to our girls for beating Overton last night and making the playoffs....Good luck in the playoffs all of the teachers will be rooting for you!!!
  20. total domination by the Indians last night...48-0 over Overton. It could have been worse, but we let up in 4th..
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