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  1. Kinda like the AAA Academy a few years back. Those schools don't belong in UIL if they can recruit players from all over. That's like the big market teams in pro sports outspending everyone.
  2. Just say your upset with having to play HJ lol
  3. That's the way it is most of the time. 1 always plays 4 and 2 plays 3. Best 4 teams are left.
  4. 1 seed in a district always plays the 4 seed from another district. Even in the bi-district round. With that being said if you are gonna be the state champ you beat who they put in front of you and your goal is to win every game until the final one. Go Bearettes! Bring home a state title!
  5. Chain we have in non district: harleton, troup, arp, Corsicana Mildred, lone oak
  6. Timpson will roll over Beckville if they get by in this game
  7. #1 with a couple of long tds. I thought someone said their qb couldn't hit anything. He's been completing a decent amount of passes
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