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  1. The Pit wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed being that close to the sideline and getting to shout at the boys every time they made a great play, a great tackle, or a td! They could really hear us more than they normally can and it showed. We came out good after the bye week too. Always worried how we will come out after a week off, but the boys and the coaches were ready for that rematch with Tenaha. Tenaha had no answer for us. I'm looking forward to seeing last nights stats!

  2. 3 minutes ago, Playfor77 said:

    Brody Eaves 13 carries, 156 yards, one TD to run season totals to 981 yards, 15.6 avg, 14 TDs

    Clayton Hart seven carries 138 yards, three TDs, three receptions 75 yards, one TD. Season totals 21 carries 274 yards, 13 avg, four TDs, 16 receptions, 256 yards, three TDs

    Trent Eaves, three receptions  69 yards, 

    Fernado Espinoza 14 of 24, 247 yards, three TDs. Season totals 61 of 98, 1152 yards, 13 TDs

    Erik Garza 11 tackles, 1 assist, two TFL

    Chuckie Martinez 11 tackles, 1 assist

    Roberto Martinez six tackles, one assist

    Clayton Howard three tackles, one assist, one interception 

    Trent Eaves three tackles, one assist, one interception,

    Clayton Howard the lineman got an int? Wow

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