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  1. The EF coach has been solid. Pretty small school compared to others. To bad he is retiring but I understand sometimes it’s just time to call it quits after years in the workforce. Time to clear the mind
  2. It is a brutal campaign. I haven’t seen signs in any yards yet. Need to pick it up
  3. I know it’s all about numbers but the schools in extreme NE Texas tend to switch regions every realignment. Clarksville is extreme NE Texas but usually stays in region 2. Hard to figure sometimes
  4. Wow! I hate to hear this. He was part of a great time in DF athletics. Way to young. Prayers from NB
  5. Several years back I would considered this to be like voting for the best hang man. The older I get the more I realize that without them (Mods) this site would get completely out of control and a lot hurtful attacks would be made on members, coaches, and most likely th players. Kind of hart to pick out of really a great group. Be easier to pick the worse. LOL
  6. Followed for many many years. I don’ have 2005 edition due to being in the boonies of Iraq. Been offered copies so not a big deal
  7. Honesty 3AD2 is ok. 2A D1 looks a bit tough topping out a249
  8. Looking at the numbers there will a bunch of additions to 3A D2 in NE Texas. There have been several models in the past on how UIL has taken it. 25 / 26 will be interesting with so many schools close to being 2A D1. A 7A Div could help with parity in numbers
  9. This will be a non-stress game for me. I will just get to enjoy the game.
  10. Great game GHS. I know CS will be tough. Play your game and cut out mental errors. You have the talent to get this one.
  11. Local team in PG and I would love the upset. Not sure PG could represent the region very well at the state level. Gilmer has a shot at the finals
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