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  1. Does anyone have Boys State Basketball Tournament tickets they are wanting to sale? Need minimum of 3. Thanks
  2. Great Coach and more importantly a great Person! Garrison got a good one
  3. There's no comparison for the pressure that Tatum puts on people!!! You may play against some teams that press, but not like what Tatum does. Think that was evident by what just happened.
  4. KGASradio.com has it. Click on Sports tab then click on Sports One link.
  5. Anybody know if the game is going to be brodcast on the radio? KGAS maybe?
  6. Sounds like sour grapes! It seems it is always the refs fault when Bullard loses......no matter if it is at Tatum, Bullard, or even in Whitehouse at a playoff game??????
  7. I agree the parking is a joke, but there is just something about going to "The Drum"! This tournament is what makes Texas High School Basketball special and different than other sports. Start making drastic changes and you jeopardize what makes it so great!
  8. How do you delete an entry? For some reason, when I logged in, it automatically created 4 entry's for me. I only made out a bracket for two of them, but it shows that I have 4 entry's. Thanks
  9. So is Troup going to block off the the Trains that run RIGHT behind the stadium during the game too???????? Those trains run quite regularly, so I hope one does not come by when Tatum scores b/c the conductor may get in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I doubt very seriously that they will allow people to park in the fairway of the golf course. They will prob. use the clubhouse parking area, but not on the actual golf course!
  11. Man, that is a tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That place is LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!! Nothing beats the old Tequila Bat Races!!!!!!!!! Except maybe $.25 Drafts!!!!!!!!!
  12. That two year old wasn't born as a deceiver. Kids are not always truthfull because they are KIDS. How can you sin (at the age of two) if you don't know the difference between "right" and "wrong" yet? Mark 10:13-16 Let me start by saying that I believe there is not a "certain" age of accountability, but there is a time in everyone's life that God holds them accountable. Having said that: A two yr. old can sin because they are born with a sinful nature, but are not held accountable for that sin because they are not at an age where they understand what they are doing.
  13. That same year, he dominated the Boyd kid from C'hill!!!! He had one of the best blocks I have ever seen in High School. Boyd was posting up on the block, and tried a little weak turn around jumper, and Wickware slapped his stuff up aginst that big garage door in the old C.L. Nix gym. His head was up around the rim, and the ball hit the garage door about 12 ft. up. The whole gym got quiet for a split second, then ALL the "House" fans started going crazy. I was about 13 yrs old and was sitting on the front row, and jumped up onto the court when it happened. I think that was one of the best plays I have ever seen.(Especially in a game of that magnitude).
  14. Oh yea man..................those guys were awesome. Moran came back as the asst. my junior year and he could beat anybody on the team. He is a heck of a person too. That game at regionals was a travesty!!!!!! Speaking of legends...............what about your boy Phil "The Real Deal" Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuhonnnnnn!!!!!!! Just ask him, and he will tell you!LOL
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