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  1. He has been dismissed from the team. from all the eyewitness accounts, it seems that he was being owned by the WBB and reacted. Does not appear that she punched him, although she may have shoved him. KK / Kirby handled this quickly and in the way that it should have been handled.
  2. At this point, it looks like the Astros will pass us! We just stink. Doesn't look like they are having fun and they certainly don't look like they have gelled as a team. I am almost to the point of being apathetic. Almost.
  3. Aggies, Tech says 'you're welcome'.
  4. I have been saying this for a week or so now. If the Rangers didn't have bad luck, they would have no luck at all right now!
  5. the Big 12 as a whole was younger than any of the other Top 5 conferences. We did not even have a lot of athletes eligible for the draft. It did not help that Texas had none drafted, but who did they lose that was eligible? I think that number will grow exponentially in the next year or two.
  6. our hitters can't seem to figure out how to hit when Darvish is pitching!
  7. actually, I have rarely heard negative comments about Lubbock from UT fans (not sure they care enough to say anything bad) Most comments come from aggie fans. and truly, CS is not that great of a town. it's biggest advantage over Lubbock is that it is not far from Houston and only 2-3 hours from Dallas. Lubbock is much larger than CS and has most of the advantages of a larger city........
  8. There is rarely a bad cow smell in Lubbock. the feed lots are all north of Lubbock--that is a smell indigenous to Amarillo. Lubbock is pushing 300K in population. They have almost every restaurant that is in the DFW area plus LOTS of good locally owned places too. There is a lot to do there--concerts, clubs and just the fun atmosphere of the school. If you look at the quotes of the kids who have recently been recruited there, they love Lubbock and the whole Tech experience. Henderson--how many times have you been to Lubbock?
  9. oh good grief, I think pigs are flying...........I agree with Lion. ugh!
  10. WHO???? Haven't gotten to see much pre-season this year, but who are those players? recognize maybe half of that list. Interesting!
  11. It does not. His fastball is straight as an arrow and his change up, while pretty doesn't have a lot of movement on it. just not terribly impressive. We had a pitcher here about 8 years ago, Carson Middleton, who threw in the upper 90's and had some amazing movement on his pitches. I remember being really wowed by his pitching. He was drafted in like the 40th round and never played above the college level (he played at A&M) because of laziness and extra curricular activities. I believe Patrick has the work ethic, just that he is better in football (and maybe even basketball) than he
  12. Not sure what position he plays, but he is looking to pitch at Tech and at the Major League level.
  13. yes, he plans on playing baseball at Tech.
  14. I watched Patrick pitch last night. He wouldn't even do well at the college level the way he was pitching. He was quite unimpressive (my son was on the Tech team and is a baseball coach so I have seen a lot of pitching). He could throw at 92-93 mph (the scout with a radar gun was right in front of me), but Lindale was hitting his 92-93 mph fastball. So no, not too worried about him going MLB this year. Have heard for over a year that he is not the pitcher his father was. And pair that with the fact that his parents really want him to get a college education first, I think he will be at T
  15. We will have Patrick Mahomes next year to back up Davis Webb.
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