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  1. You are about to redo an athletic weight room, who do you go with and why? I know ProMaxima is significantly cheaper. Mainly looking for comments on longevity, issues, and maintenance.
  2. This curriculum is serving thousands of players and coaches across 19 different states. AFJ on NBC news 5 in Dallas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nabVxPF5Z0 www.afootballjourney.com
  3. A Football Journey was just launched 2.5 months ago, and coaches from all across the country have been purchasing the program for their players. If you are a coach, or a parent that knows a coach that is looking for a curriculum that will change the lives of your players, then visit, www.afootballjourney.com.
  4. A Football Journey is now offering sales to individuals who wish to purchase online. http://afootballjourney.com/take-the-journey.html
  5. Sample lessons and more... http://www.afootballjourney.com/journey-manuals.html
  6. Take a look at what A Football Journey has to offer... A Football Journey Website: www.afootballjourney.com
  7. Football Coaches, If you are looking for the perfect curriculum to change the lives of high school football players, then look no further. www.afootballjourney.com
  8. Most will lift 3-4 times per week. Full body 3 days a week.....2 Upper / 2 Lower if 4 times a week. Not much competition (unless you count competing against the weights) and not much true SPEED work being done. Sorry running 20 40's in 10 minutes is not going to make you faster. This is what I recommend for SKILL kids: Mondays: Speed day (Lots of rest between reps) and Upper body weights Tuesdays: Lower Body (A lot of single leg lifts, Lunges, step-ups, ect) and Finish with Conditioning Wednesdays: Competition or Skill work Thursdays: Quickness day (Bags, Speed Latter, ect) and Upper body weights Fridays: Heavy Legs in Weight room (Squats, Power Clean, Dead Lift, ect) and finish with conditioning A lot of programs are not following a science based program. I hate to use the term, "OLD School", because there are a lot of poitives about being Old School, but the offseason programs is not one of them. Heard SMU's strength and conditioning coach speak and you should have seen how many Old School guys were in shock about what he was saying.
  9. I hope I am wrong.......but he will probably make his money and run for the hills in about 2-3 years.
  10. The answer is year round offseason that everyone takes part in. During football and basketball season, you get your Varsity kids 5 days per week. Sub varsity kids you get three times per week, the other 2 days they will go through offseason. Outside of your season you will go through 5 days per week of offseason. The exception is baseball and track. Everyone will go through offseason except on gamedays or track meets. Special workouts for pitchers in the offseason program. Closer to the district track meet, the track athletes will get out of offseason the week prior to the district meet. Now here is the most important part.........the offseason has to work for all. Which means, during b-ball season, when the sub-varsity goes through offseason, they are not doing legs. They are getting plenty of that during basketball. They need to be working on upper body strength. During football, they are doing a recovery weightroom workout on Friday's and lifting medium weights on Mondays. The offseason program has to be more than lifting and running. It has to be competitive. I have seen more kids quit football, not because of the sport of football, but because of the offseason that football players go through. If other sports offer an easier alternative, the kid is very tempted to give up that other sport. If the kid has to go through offseason not matter what sport he plays, then he will likely play ALL the sports he loves.
  11. I agree he would be a very good fit.
  12. We all know PT has issues. I think it is funny that everybody thinks getting a guy from a program like Henderson, Carthage, Whitehouse, etc could be the key. Have you seen those teams athletes when they take the field? The problem is that most coaches that could probably get this job will soon find out that it is a lot more work than what they expected. They will run for another job in 2-4 years when their way of doing things doesnt work. Even if a coach turns the program around, they will probably jet out of there as soon as they can. "Turning PT around".....how good is that going to look on the resume? Another point.....the $90000+ starting salary may have just set PT up for failure. There are a lot of good RESUME coaches out there that are now interested in the job so they can get PAID. Hopefully PT's interview process will bring to light these guys and not give them the time of day.
  13. I guess you mean highest scoring State Championship Game. I know 2 games off hand that were higher. Mt Vernon 60 vs Royse City 70. McKinney 64 vs Dension 65.
  14. Most kids will spend the rest of their lives working jobs that are at least 40 hours a week and 50 weeks out of the year. Sports do not even touch those numbers. If the kid is motivated to do it, take advantage of it. I have seen more kids whose parents will not let them be as involved because of the time it takes away from having a JOB or things to do at the house (baby sit siblings). Kids have the rest of their lives to work, let them enjoy being a kid and taking part in sports. How many of us would go back and get after it in everything if we had the chance? I know I didnt take advantage of it.
  15. Pine Tree needs a Coach is in it for the long haul. The school must allow him to surround himself with coaches who will buy into that as well. Pine Tree does NOT need a guy who is looking to get out of a bad situation of where they are at, or a guy who is just looking to get Head Coaching on their resume. Unfortunately, this will make up about 85% of those that apply. They need a guy who can win over the type of kids that Pine Tree has. It happens all the time. A coordinator from a big time school gets a job (like a Pine Tree) and he is job hunting the next Spring because the kids dont, or cant, do the same thing that the kids at their previous school could do.
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