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  1. So I asked Google Bard LLM about this. My reading of this is they have until 10:30 or so tonight to resume the game or it will be considered a tie. The Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) has a rule called the "suspended game" rule that determines the outcome of a game that is not completed. The rule states that the game must be resumed from the point where it was suspended, and the team that is ahead at the end of the time remaining in the game wins. However, if the game cannot be resumed within 48 hours of the time it was suspended, the game is declared a tie. Here are some examples of how the suspended game rule would be applied: If a game is suspended with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter and the home team is ahead 14-10, the game would be resumed from the 5-minute mark of the fourth quarter with the home team still ahead. If the home team scores a touchdown and converts the extra point, they would win the game by a score of 21-10. If a game is suspended with 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the visiting team is ahead 7-6, the game would be declared a tie. The game cannot be resumed within 48 hours of the time it was suspended, so the final score would remain 7-6. The suspended game rule is designed to ensure that both teams have an equal opportunity to win the game. It also prevents teams from intentionally trying to get a game suspended in order to gain an advantage.
  2. I have just confirmed that the officials told Coach Metzel that the game would go in the win column for Gilmer. So argue with them if you don't like it. No one likes the abbreviation of the game, but it is what it is.
  3. I have looked back at the historical record and it appears to me that 1998 was the last time Gilmer started out 0-2. In fact, it was worse. They started out 0-3: Paris 50 Gilmer 27 Carthage 35 Gilmer 7 Longview Pine Tree 49 Gilmer 27
  4. I'd say 7 because I foresee L's against Kilgore and PG. But the L to PG means we won't win district and so, yeah, that would mean we wouldn't face Carthage until the fourth round the first week in December instead of third round the day after Thanksgiving as is the case if you're district champ.
  5. 951 โ€” Gilmer (Texas), 2014 Average: 16-0, 59.4 Schedule Liberty-Eylau (Texarkana), 55-14 Pine Tree (Longview), 68-20 Tatum, 41-35 Daingerfield, 61-9 Carthage, 58-21 Melissa, 63-0 Canton, 70-0 Bullard, 49-7 Community (Nevada), 85-14 Rains (Emory), 64-27 Pleasant Grove (Texarkana), 50-7 Connally (Waco), 80-21 Gladewater, 41-35 Atlanta, 64-25 Celina, 67-14 West Orange-Stark (Orange), 35-25 I would add that the Bux actually hung 90+ on Nevada Community, but Jeff Traylor was actually so embarrassed that the subs had scored that last TD that he convinced the referee to take it off the scoreboard.
  6. Gilmer will finish second in district, for sure. Dave Campbell's Texas Football has just ranked PG above us (3rd to our 5th) so the third round playoff matchup between district champs PG and Carthage is now set.
  7. I agree with that. The good news for Gilmer is that we will likely last longer in the playoffs because the district champ will be knocked out by Carthage in the third round.
  8. DCTF says a total of three. The other appearance was in 2019 when they lost to Pleasant Grove, 35-21. https://www.texasfootball.com/team/wimberley-texans
  9. Atlanta won state that year, not Daingerfield. Both were in 3A Division II. The Rabbs did lose four games. Won their opener, then lost four straight. http://lonestarfootball.net/team.asp?T=1319&S=2003 Gilmer beat Daingerfield in bi-district and lost to Atlanta in the quarterfinals.
  10. You're going to find it is often called "Big Sandy Harmony" because they are on the Big Sandy mail route. This is infuriating to some of the Harmony people, but I don't think they are any less incensed with being called Gilmer Harmony.
  11. Yeah, I know. I said before the game I'd believe Gilmer can run on Carthage when I see it. Most of the game I didn't see it. That's why we needed help from the skies - both weather wise and from some kind of divine intervention.
  12. Exactly. Especially when your starting QB is out and you are reduced to trying to run on Carthage, which you haven't been able to do since 2014. I was hoping for a repeat of or at least resemblance to the weather during the Carthage-Liberty Hill semifinal in 2018.
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