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  1. Our district champion will likely be eliminated in the third round by the Panola County Colossus. All oddsmakers agree on this. In fact, it may be a "no line" game, as the bookies would say. So the loser of this game should be consoled by the fact it will likely be able to last one round more in the playoffs before being eliminated.
  2. This Gilmer fan never picks against Carthage. Plus, there are relatively few Gilmer fans on this site since Traylor left.
  3. A poster called 'oldbuckeye#62' who hasn't been on here since 2018 (so he may be doing it from heaven now) liked to put what he called the 'Buckeye tinkers dang hex' on opponents. So I'll give him credit wherever he is for causing the bad snap. The new QB y'all have is a gamer. If he can learn to pass as well as tall and lanky #17 used to do, watch out. Sam Peterson - had to look up his name. Fame is fleeting or my mind is going, one or the other.
  4. THIS! You left out Craig's List, which took over classified ads more than 20 years ago. I am in this business. It is only because I am a lifelong pessimist who has tried to save and invest everything I ever made that I am not bankrupt and living under a bridge.
  5. Coach Rodgers is now beginning to resemble WWII General George S. Patton as played by the actor George C. Scott. His nickname was "Old Blood and Guts." In the movie, one of the soldiers serving under him quips "Our blood, his guts."
  6. The good news is that Cadon can run for his life better than most.
  7. Gilmer-PT scrimmage info.
  8. I just looked up Argyle's population as of the latest census. While it is larger, Gilmer is not MUCH LARGER than Argyle. The only reason Gilmer is in 4AD2 and not 3AD1 with our former rivals Gladewater and Atlanta is because the Gilmer ISD terrritory covers so many square miles in Upshur County. It's about 30 percent of the county, IIRC. The city of Gilmer covers only 3.8 square miles. It is not only not growing; some of what used to be in the city has been de-annexed in recent decades. Argyle city, Texas | Total Population in Argyle city, Texas 4,403 Source: 2020 Decennial Census Gilmer city, Texas | Total Population in Gilmer city, Texas 4,843 Source: 2020 Decennial Census
  9. From what he has said on his show (and this is not unique to Gilmer, I'm sure), Coach Metzel "takes what the defense gives him." That's his play-calling philosophy in a nutshell (pardon the pun). The way to shut down Gilmer's offense (ahem, Coach Preston...Carthage) is to make the ground game an impossibility and keep us behind the chains. If you can't do that, it's probably going to be a long night.
  10. A narrow definition of East Texas is anywhere pines grow in the wild. There are broader definitions, but in terms of population, it is a very small percentage of the state. So even having only one team out of a dozen playing would still be proportional to our share of the Texas population and maybe even more than proportional.
  11. It is not always a good idea to force Brandon out of the pocket. Time will tell. Celina, being a D1 team already by the numbers, is the solid favorite in this game, but they still have to play it.
  12. The good news/bad news, considering whether you like the matchup, is that this is the last time these two teams will ever meet in the playoffs. It's similar to the Gilmer-Argyle third round playoff game in 2013 at Kincaide Stadium in that respect.
  13. You'll know you've made the big time when they stop calling you China Springs.
  14. Congratulations to your kinsman. He played a helluva game tonight.
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