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  1. Not saying they will, just saying this is the group to do it with if they're ever going to do it.
  2. If PG is ever going to get over that Carthage hump, it will be this year.
  3. They're definitely not the same at QB. Much less arm strength. I assume he knows the offense as good as anyone though.
  4. They were coming off an 0-10 year. How would you schedule? lol
  5. The offense is not what it usually is, but the defense is special for sure.
  6. I believe Carthage's closest contest of the 2022 season was last friday night. Hate that it wasn't played in Jerry's world for all the marbles. PG won't be afraid but Carthage is just too good. Crazier things have happened though.
  7. Shouldn't even be a close game but the weather could make things interesting
  8. He's the best they have had under center since Antonio Graves. Wish he would have stayed at LE
  9. From what I have seen I'm going to assume yall graduated everybody? Definitely nothing like last years team
  10. I may have used the wrong wording lol. Those are the only 2 that LE should not run through in district. LE's defense may be able to give those 2 some trouble but it will not matter if the Leopards don't score
  11. PG and Gilmer should be the only real tests in district play for the Leopards
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