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  1. Yes, that's for sure! The new Whitehouse qb must be pretty good; he led them to the championship at state 7 on 7.
  2. McCown the Jacksonville qb is the real deal! Not sure about the best in East Texas, but he's up there!
  3. I can't find the exact stats right now; I am traveling and don't have all the time I need to find them. It had to be close to 3 a game. I really think Lindale could have success running the option or something similar. Even staying under center like they currently do, but adding some new looks/formations instead of their normal predictable ones could help a lot. Like you said, don't throw the baby out with the bath water, just change it up to adapt to what fits your kids. If you don't have a great qb...don't throw it every down! They have a couple of guys that could be great options as ru
  4. You go back and look at the stats/box score from this last year and count up how many of the points the defense gave up came from the offense turning over the ball, either from pick 6's, fumbles or interceptions. The defense never stood a chance in half the games after that. It's hard to dig your way out of a situation like that. Did the defense give up a lot of points on their own? Yes. Does it reflect in the average points per game? No. You have to have an offense that can protect the ball and manage the clock. Period.
  5. Btex can't stand for anyone to have an opinion that's different than his. Apparently he's the authority on what makes/doesn't make a good coach, scheme, system, etc. And no one else is entitled to any other opinions. Give me a break. This is a MESSAGE BOARD! It is for opinions and to talk football. Not someone to pretend to be superior to everyone else. If you don't like what people say and can't have a conversation about it without just saying their wrong, don't post!
  6. Yes, it happens a lot in lots of places. I would think someone turned him in.
  7. I completely agree. You need the to whole package or you're not going to get the results you want. So many people today want success without putting any work in. They think they deserve it.An unfortunate product of pur time I guess.
  8. The competition ia definitely a huge part, there is no arguing that. My point from the beginning is sometimes you have to change what you do to adapt for those issues. Just because you've done it in the past doesn't mean it will always work. You have to adjust for your situation.
  9. I agree. I have no doubt Longview has a legit shot at winning state this year. But I can't say they would dominate Aledo. That's a tall order. Beat them? Yes. Destroy them? I'm not so sure about that.
  10. Ok, thanks. Couldn't remember
  11. Talent and hard work have a TON to do with it, BUT they still have to have someone to teach them and guide them. You can't expect a qb to develop on their own. Do you think Gilmer, Whitehouse, etc just say at the end of the season "Well, we'll work on it again in August. " ?
  12. Yes, I remember that. Everyone was on you because you said the defense was bad. And y'all got a new DC for this year, right? Sometimes people can't open their eyes and see what's going on. And btex I have no personal issue with the OC. This issue has been going on in Lindale for several years. We had enough WR's for awhile to pull it off and decent qb's, but the play calling has been predictable for years. It just hasn't shown as much until we moved to 4A and the competition changed drastically.
  13. Lol. You're so far off, but I'll just keep letting you think I'm just some arm chair coach sitting in the bleachers. And I don't know much about LE's past staff, but in general I think there are some schools who do a good job of developing qb's from the younger grades up and some that don't. You can give him a hard time and ask him about the hours, but it doesn't make him wrong. Some coaches make qb development a high priority and some don't.
  14. He's going on 3 years, right? Was there much turn over last year?
  15. Haha. Ok btex. I'll just let you think what you want. No skin off my back. I know much more than you think, but have no reason to explain myself to you. This is a message board after all. Do yourself a favor and watch some film from last season, then tell me what you think. I hope they prove me wrong, I really do. But only time will tell. Fans from every other team from East Texas get on here and talk about what their team should and should not be doing and you don't say a word. So you obviously have a tie to Lindale or you have been burned and feel like it's your job to police everyone
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