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  1. 528 total offensive yard, 263 rushing? not much success?
  2. thats not what i meant but i agree neither has beaten anyone worth bragging this year. Good luck Friday, both teams will be playing people better than they have beaten.
  3. lol just like a woman, if it was worth my time i could go back and look a pre district schedules to prove my point but its just not. You can win. 1 thing though, the comparison of EF to Waskom is not fair, EF is terrible this year compared to years past, losing QB to marshall hurt them bad. Dude they had playing QB is just not the same. Their RB is impressive but not making up for the passing game. But, I digress.
  4. I dunno why I ever say anything on here, especially to Joaquin people. Its like arguing with my wife, never win because they are always right and I cant say what I really wanna say because i'd be divorced (banned). The correlation is uncanny.
  5. what hole in the wall are yall living in to think shelbyville is clarksville or ore city or any other cupcake team ya'll play pre-district? It amazes me how Joaquin can get those types of teams on the schedule every year and people tell Shelbyville to call Refugio or Muenster or Waskom. AND ya'll run the score up on them and keep getting cupcake teams, mind blown. As for this game, I understand picking your team as most of the picks are Joaquin faithful, but to say it wont even be close? WITH the people ya'll have out with injury? Its a little comical. The game will be close, as it normally is.
  6. Joaquin is no Waskom my friend. Are they good at what they do, yes, but you can't put them in a conversation together.
  7. Shelbyville ran 16 offensive plays and scored 40 points. Detroit snapped the ball at -2 on the play clock every snap and their RB wasn't terrible.
  8. If they don't hide them or use dummy signaler it's fair game...if you didn't try to steal them then you aren't much of a competitor
  9. San Augustine vs Garrison the site has been moved to San Augustine
  10. good grief...wolverine...just stop with the joaquin pokes..worry about san augustine and their opponent...for the last 3 years at least every sa vs whoever thread has turned into an argument between u and joaquin..just stop
  11. Way to go SA...things r turning around
  12. yessir crow taste like dump....that is what happens with a weak pre season schedule boys
  13. 1st dist game for Dist. 10...who comes on out on top...i will go with San Augustine by 2 TD...dont think grapeland has the team speed that SA does...yes i know they have walker but thats just 1 man
  14. I think SA will play well enough to win but I don't think it will be a blow out as some of the posts are stating...garrison is improving and always seems to play well against SA...I could be wrong and it could be a blow out who knows but I say SA in another close one 42-35
  15. Haha 2a no excuses...that's funny
  16. Nothing smart to say about that post football fan? U r really a classless person and have no life outside of smoaky.com to go back and quote every post with some kind of jerkish comment...grow up man...ur the kind of poster that makes these boards unpopular and a complete waste of time...oh and yes of u were actually at the game and know anything about football then u would have noticed that all the turnovers were sa's mistakes except for 1 fumble that yes Franklin made a good hit on a ball carrier that doesn't carry the ball correctly...the interceptions were straight to the defenders...guess the jerseys blended in with the field haha I dunno but it was obvious mental mistakes...sure Franklin caught the ball but it's easy when it's right in the bread basket man...so if u were at the game and didn't notice that then I could care less what u have to say because you don't know football...I'm still quite speechless though after this long post about what actually happened in the game...everything that could have gone bad went bad for SA...great experience for all the returnees though for next year after they drop to class A!!!! Enjoyed watching y'all play wolf pack!!
  17. Same can be said about u footballfan...who are you to run down people you don't even know...make the drive on over to EAST texas..kinda...and see how they play ball in the woods...get ready to be hit harder than ever and chase farther than ever...or watch this happen i should say assuming your not a kid also....SA wins this one in blowout fashion just as Franklin has onside kicked up 60 points to score again late in the fourth quarter oh and good luck...going to need it
  18. Ya it was frustrating to watch as number 5 made something out of nothing...I heard he only had 20 yds rushing at half...sa's defense even though they were exhausted from chasing 5 around still needed to finish the game but luckily the offense scored on every drive but 3 1 punt, 1 fumble and 1 interception...it was an exciting game and all due respect to twine...just #### for him he lives in hemphill...that great of an athlete and won't play in the playoffs
  19. haha since we are thinking of the mascot game..think of it this way...the hornets may sting the wolves all the way down the field, sure the wolf is running from the hornet, but the hornet wont bring him down b4 he gets in the endzone....kind of like hemphills patty cake defense...they will hit number 11,25 or 5 all the way down the field but they cant stop it haha...SA will still score every drive they dont lay down and rest very cheesy i know but im bored and it popped in my head from reading the ridiculous thoughts of judging a team by its mascot haha so i thought id join in for fun
  20. Dang sawboss be a debbie downer...we know...garrison won and won big...different SA team since then and havent lost since Garrison to make it accurate....but on to what this thread is about....SA will beat Hemphill simply because their defense plays well enough to get a few stops on twine....Hemphills defense will be lucky to stop the offense of SA...SA may stop themselves a few times but not enough to lose the game....SA by the number of times they stop twine...could be 5 TDS could be just 1...either way SA WILL WIN ;)
  21. SA takes this one easy...poor Indians are young and not very good up front...SA 42 groveton 0
  22. Whats up bomber....i told u what was gonna happen...great game by the wolves...completely dominated...head coach was nice from SA keeping the score to that number...
  23. Alto if Tenaha doesn't score every drive because alto will not make mistakes and will score every drive
  24. I don't know if u were good or not...just assuming since u run ur mouth on here about programs you don't really know about so u must have been awesome...I think you should think about what u say b4 you start talking about a program you don't have a clue about
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