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  1. WOW...... 9 pages, We are having some fun now :P
  2. You know Alto might win No wait Beckville might win, No wait, no that's not right. Well one of them will win......Maybe
  3. I have not read anything from anyone from Alto bashing Beckville. If I am mistaken please point it out
  4. They take one week at a time, I can promise you that.
  5. Had a few bowls of Cajun cooked crow lol it go down hard l
  6. Wish I could make it, But duty calls...... Work work work .......
  7. I think I can find ole Madisonville just have to sneak in and out lol
  8. Somewhere in the attic I just might. LoLSome friends went and watched Groveton play Friday night and said there D couldn't stop a little old lady from crossing the street
  9. ALTO ...... And that's all I have to say about that.....
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