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  1. Sa always has atheletes. I see them as being tough to beat on a regular basis. You will definately have to bring it every Friday night.
  2. Tenaha will be tough don't know about martinsville. What place are we seated in
  3. That's good news. Who do we have left to play
  4. you are right just saying don't overlook anyone which is good advice for us all
  5. Go ahead and be afraid of only kirbyville but watch out for garrison and groveton. You could be limping into district 2 & 3 instead of 5 & 0. It could happen I don't think so but it could happen if you look past any of those teams.
  6. Garrison will be hard, hemphill not so much,don't know kirbyville. But we played burkvie a couple of times. They weren't to good. Groveton may give a bit of trouble but you could come into district 5 & 0
  7. Man what a hard district to play in. There will be lots.of hard hitting and with both alto and sa there will be tons of speed. Its going to be lots of fun on fridays
  8. Thanks true I hate to hear about the hurt players. I will say a prayer
  9. How did last nights ball games go and who did joaquin play
  10. If I remember right it is still a federal crime to sell or possess pot. If this s so the feds.should confiscate all pot and related equipment
  11. How can u drive someone crazy that is.already crazy. And don't those people know that if u outlaw.guns that only outlaws will own guns.
  12. Really hate to see it go. But I guess that's progress.
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