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  1. New leadership has been great. He deserves a great deal of credit for their success. These girls have been in this game before. He will have them ready. Look forward to a good game. Best of luck to both teams. Winner will probably get Mt. Vernon, just guessing. Can Pottsboro play with them
  2. how does this one stack up, I know the Lady Raiders are playing pretty well right now
  3. Gonna make some unhappy, but here goes. If anyone in any way attempts to alter their birth sex, they should not be allowed to compete in any UIL sport. Its not meant to be predudice. Any change gives an advantage to the sport they compete in after the change. Now lets say they change from female to male and are allowed to compete with males. What about the mental instability in could cause to a male who loses to a "girl" who has been changed to a male. Lots to think about. Whatever your birth certificate says is where you compete. Our society is so fearful of hurting someones feelings. COMMON SENSE should prevail. What about the child molester who says its his choice or preference. Who would sit still for stupidity like that, absolutely noone I hope. Our society is getting sicker by the day because we sit idly by and pretend everything is OK. Just do the right thing. The right thing is identified, just have to be willing to accept it. Thank you that is all
  4. you should run for the school board
  5. Football. I hope HG doesnt have anymore sports. Better draw him a map to the baseball field and gym, if not he wont know where they are.lol
  6. My thoughts exactly wildpantherfan. These girls have worked very hard for years to excel and play at a high level in everything they do. You seniors, jobs well done in everything you attempted. You make this community proud. We all smile when people talk about AG basketball. Thanks for the ride. Best of luck to each of you in whatever you do.!!!!!!!!
  7. Do either Alba-Golden or Mt. Vernon have shot to get out of this region?
  8. BRF, expect to see you in Rockwall wearing AG colors rooting us on. lol. Gotta give em your best shot leave it on the floor
  9. im sure this will offend some, not intended to. WB will not be as good next year possibly. The loss of two excellent seniors will hurt a lot. They will still be very good and maybe better than this year. The next year they should really shine I think. JMO
  10. steep hill to climb, but that's why the games are played. Brock is obviously a great team. Gotta lay it all on the line and believe. Good luck lady panthers
  11. the boys looked focused and determined. when will they play next and who
  12. me included, everyone avoided picking these games. Im gonn go with Alba Golden, Winnsboro, Life oak cliff, and Brock. hope im not jinxing anybody. Brock is my lock pick. I think AG and Winnsboro better be on their respective games, these could be upsets. Although Bowie and Grandview are quality teams. Clear as mud now huh. lol Give us yopur picks its just for fun
  13. rmorrow, give us your picks in the region 2 games. who wins this round and regionals?
  14. I agree. Defending the post will be the key. Im told they can shoot the 3 if need be.
  15. nobody saying much. Alba- golden should not rest on this one. Not the time to let up. Whiteright will be pumped im sure.
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