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  1. A message went out this morning the JV games will start at 5:30 in EF, 7th 5 and 8th 6:15 in Winona
  2. I have looked for it too still don't see one
  3. This sign was hung in Waskom. Kris and Dex are the two kids that died in a car wreck. I don't care who wrote it hung it up or what. They have nothing to do with this game and their name should have never been on any sign.
  4. Doing it for Kris and Dex Y'all finna see who's next
  5. I am still trying to see what the point of this sign was.
  6. Going with the Jackets!!!! Keep grinding for #5...
  7. EF wins!!! #grindfor#5 #jacketstrong #jacketsnation
  8. Thank for all the prayers, we really appreciate it. I have been to every game #5 has played in since he was in flag football. It will be hard going to games on Friday and him not been out there with the boys he grow up with. Rock95 and us will be going to the grave every Friday before we head out to watch the boys play. So come August we we will need prayers again as it will be hard ok Friday nights.
  9. Football game has been rescheduled for 2 pm tomorrow at Arp.
  10. Game has been cancelled for the night. Waiting to hear when it will be played
  11. I will agree with this. Stands where packed tonight by the time the game was over it was half empty.
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