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  1. Great season Jackets, thanks for the ride. I am very proud of each and everyone of you.
  2. Good luck next week Hughes Springs
  3. It is getting better and better we r full of surprise buddy I coach stinger football and they going to b good too
  4. Well we going to play 16 of then take your pick
  5. I talked to their dad and what was said they got mess over They have a lot of skills but was unable to use them n beckville by him being from Ef he no we take lots of pride n football Ef is were his boys told him they wanted to play for cause he did I no they going to b a good fit with Ef trust me on this they ready to play Elysian fields yellow jackets football
  6. hughes springs Won district last season ya but like I said we only lost to them by one that says a lot I do believe Ef will come out on top this year cause they full of talent as long as they play as a team like that team Canadian that beat us n state there is no way they should have won that game but they did so what I'm saying is that Ef have the size and enough speed to come out on top like I said they have to play together as a team and help each other out let's go jackets we behind y'all 100% buzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. That's what I'm saying they were sophomores and freshman last year and they only lost to the district champs by one point ef going to surprise lots of team this year
  8. That's true they I think it's going to come down to who want it most I no all of them are really good players coach king will put them were the belong I'm looking for a great season this year I seen most of the guys working out like the jones kids they dad work with them everyday running and weights lots of drills im so ready for elysian fields football I no they going to make us fans proud this season
  9. People keep looking over EF thinking they just going to run over them I think not they r going to b a lot better than they was last year they will make the state play off this year
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