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  1. Shiners Controls region three until somebody knocks them off the pedestal they are the king of football baseball and whatever else they need to be
  2. Just wish the UIL would move the baseball tournaments to Dallas Fort Worth to the old ranger stadium or the new ranger stadium instead of a horrible city they called the state capital!
  3. Texas 2A guy says he is the best ace in 2A. They obviously pretty good. Undefeated in the toughest region in the state.
  4. Heard a Timpson coach Placed his name in the Hat
  5. Tenaha don’t “recruit“ for mama and daddy to have a job or a house and land inside the Tenaha school district.. hmmm or now living with grandma..
  6. Rumor on the street is alto will be open tomorrow… any word or truth
  7. Freshman game got chippy! Refs gave a fan from Nac a early seat to her car seat! As a fan from of football in Nacogdoches the Refs handles very well! Two Unsportsmanlike flags for both teams! Then I heard coach from HVille say some very bad to the refs as they where walking off field then Nac AD got it to with coach… should be good tomorrow we shall see!
  8. Cushing needs to turn on the water sprinklers on all night! Let the field get wet!! “Home field advantage” run the Ball in the mud would be fun!!
  9. Garrison may not even make the playoffs with a lost against Shelbyville tonight
  10. Went to watch the games over there yesterday unfortunately Timpson had a kid go down in the junior high game was back boarded and Taken by ambulance out let’s say a little prayer for him. Got to see a great football game in the JV game, timpson comes out on top late. #7, #1, and especially number six for Timpson was a big decision factor! Garrison did not have the heart the last six or seven minutes of the game! Timpson jv wins this one..
  11. This one should not even be close due to Garrison’s injuries no offense it’s not gonna be pretty I don’t know what’s wrong with Garrison football but it’s not the same
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