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  1. Garrison vs new deal for the championship
  2. Should be a good one!! Go Bears! This one will be tougher for both teams. Who you got and why? 2A D1 State Semi-Final Shiner (Home) vs Timpson (Visitor) Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020 New Caney ISD Stadium 7pm All Tickets $8 (online only)
  3. Congratulations on the Date night with Mart!!! Mart by 20
  4. The No. 4-ranked Timpson Bears improved to 13-0 for the first time in school history Friday night, The Bears will now battle Beckville for the Region III title Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Lion Stadium in Henderson. Let’s go...... Bears 34-21
  5. Game is at 5pm!!!! Not 7pm kickoff.... just FYI
  6. They played in 2030 I do believe at SFA and it was packed standing room onlyThey played in 2030 I do believe at SFA and it was packed standing room only
  7. Contain #14 normaangee quarterback... and you will win
  8. Let’s go ahead and get this conversation started early Saturday morning this should be a damn good game Timpson does fly and half for the perfect 12-0 Record coming into this contest. Garrison on the other hand is 4-1 after their loss against Timpson and their defense has been lights out courtesy of linebacker Holmes! Paper to paper you got to give Timpson the edge. I think everybody from Angelina County Nacogdoches County Shelby County San Augustine County will be at his football game glad the two schools decided on SFA so the attendance can be great!! Give me the Bears in this one 42-24 pull
  9. The Bears!! Way to much speed, they have the talent they have the coaching staff and I do believe they have the mental capacity to take care of business whenever they’re needed that new turf sure is pretty!!! 40 +
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