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  1. Let’s go ahead and get this one started!!!
  2. First of all, they put the ball down, pick the ball back up, placed it back down the line, judge picked it up in the back of the chain and set it down in the front of the line… everybody seen that
  3. Any games moving to Thursday instead of Friday to be the weather??
  4. If and when Timpson wins.. Does Garrison mow the grass in two week when the bears come to the pound…
  5. Timpson wins this easily! I pray that the Rams do not play dirty like they like to do!
  6. Nasty at the Half… Timpson by a lot
  7. And this is why the whole state of Texas and all over the country needs referees because people like you do not have the courage and the balls to get out of the field and wear a striped shirt
  8. Shiners Controls region three until somebody knocks them off the pedestal they are the king of football baseball and whatever else they need to be
  9. Just wish the UIL would move the baseball tournaments to Dallas Fort Worth to the old ranger stadium or the new ranger stadium instead of a horrible city they called the state capital!
  10. Texas 2A guy says he is the best ace in 2A. They obviously pretty good. Undefeated in the toughest region in the state.
  11. Heard a Timpson coach Placed his name in the Hat
  12. Tenaha don’t “recruit“ for mama and daddy to have a job or a house and land inside the Tenaha school district.. hmmm or now living with grandma..
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