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  1. The problem is that for the past 3 to 4 years the talk was how TH was going to be great and other teams are average or below average and of course that wasn't the case. If TH can beat McNorth then it puts them in the hunt for a playoff spot. If McNorth beats TH, then McNorth is in a great spot for a playoff opportunity. Longview and Forney look like the 2 best teams with McNorth, Lufkin, Lancaster and TH fighting for the other 2 spots.
  2. After this week and 4 teams win and 4 team lose I will put my new projected standings for WEEK 2. Do you not agree with my projections after the first week of district play?
  3. I am not sure they are a team that can put together a drive. Two 1 play touchdowns and then their other score should have been another turnover in my opinion if the refs get the call correct.
  4. Not sure how you could watch that game last night and say Lancaster walks away with a double digit win. McNorth was up 21 to 0 early in the 2nd quarter. 21 to 7 at half and NEVER trailed in the game. McNorth took a knee at the 1 or they would have won by 14. Lancaster couldn't put a drive together all night. 1 play TD on a 70 yard shuffle pass and a KO return for another. Good teams must be able to put together drives and finish them.
  5. Next Round - Lovejoy should beat THigh Hallsville will beat Denison Whitehouse should beat Ennis Longview should beat Corsicana Also, Corsicana beat McNorth 2 games to 1. Winning the first 2 to 0 on a no hitter, losing the second game 9 to 0 on a no hitter and then winning on Saturday 4 to 2.
  6. First time I have seen Longview or Lancaster play in 4 or 5 years. Was very impressed by both teams. I thought they were two evenly matched teams. Tatum is a STUD! Disappointed in Hale or the fact that Longview didn't have different ways to get him the ball if he is as talented as I have heard. Is the QB good enough to win a State Championship for the Lobos? Very impressed with Lancaster's QB except for his decision to throw the ball up for grabs in the end zone with about 6 minutes left in the game trailing 14 -13. Lancaster also has athletes all over the field. I won't be surprised to see these 2 talented teams play again in the playoffs.
  7. First time I have seen McNorth play in a couple of years. They will have a chance to make the playoffs. Extremely disappointed by Tyler. Read on here that this would be their best team since 2017. I would have to disagree
  8. I hope it is a good game where both teams can take some positives going forward. Lovejoy has been really good the last 2 years but from what I saw this is probably their best team. Argyle is always good so Friday night should be fun!
  9. I just don’t see Argyle being able to stop or slow down Lovejoy’s offense. If what I have seen about Argyle’s offense is true then they will not be able to put up enough points against a good Lovejoy defense. Lovejoy is just too good and wins in rather convincing fashion.
  10. Not sure they will be breathing blood in this match-up any more than the other 8 regular season games they have left to play. LJ 's coaching staff has preached one week at a time. Plus, Coach Ross, staff and players were not part of those 4 games. They will be ready for a very good Argyle team and I wouldn't expect anything less than a great performance from Lovejoy.
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