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  1. I'm just saying they got one not bashing the past one they had.
  2. Teague has the firepower to win it all. A few move ins and a new play caller just might be a magical season for my Teague Lions.
  3. them Teague Lions are doing their thing.
  4. not saying yalls coach can't coach just not on Bo's level (over a 100 wins)
  5. Yeah get tired of hearing we beat ourselves or we had bad play calling. When in fact the other team beat you and made your play calling look bad. I told yall all week that the Moore Bros where the real deal and that Mr Bo Robinson would out coach them.
  6. Bo Robinson will out coach them like he's been doing in these playoffs.
  7. How did them Moore Bros look last night?
  8. alot of kids get overlooked from all classifications but the right ppl can make things happen. My boys have had multiple offers since their sophomore year.
  9. Both of my boys keep the mail box full of big time schools getting in line for their services but at this time we are nowhere close to offers the Moore Bros are getting. I'm not saying anything about on the field I'm talking about the recruiting process. Heard boyz > Moore Bros.
  10. can't get no bigger then what their getting
  11. #13 is my boy and we not even on their level recruit wise.
  12. I don't think you have or will face 2 ppl recruited on their level and that goes for my kids as well.
  13. Teague had a awful night with a key injury as well. We will be LOADED next yr just hope we can get it all together when it counts.
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