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  1. Any ticket information yet? I'm planning on driving up from Austin for this one!! Never mind, I found it!! It's on the Lobo Football web site.
  2. This is about as bad as Longview has played this year but still up. Very poor tackling!!!
  3. Starting to look like they should have scheduled this game for Saturday. Starting at 6 pm tomorrow Lufkin has a 60% chance of Thunderstorms, some may be severe. Probably end up with a lightning delay at some point during the game.
  4. I heard from some people in that area a few years ago that the School Board did not want any schools in 6A so they had plans for as many as 12 5A schools. Every time one or two schools would get close to 6A enrollment they opened a new campus.
  5. Is any one going to live stream this game? I would assume NFHS but I really don't know. Pretty sure it won't be Texan Live since they pretty much carry the Houston region.
  6. Anyone know what Chapter these refs are out of? They are horrible!!!!!
  7. Has it been decided for sure that Texan Live has taken on the rights to stream this weeks game?
  8. Why is it that nobody is talking about a possible 4 way tie for the district championship? If Marshall, Hallsville and PT all win then the top 4 teams will all be 4-2!! Now, I know it's a stretch that PT beats Texas High but stranger things have happened!!
  9. Look at this crazy scenario in 8-5A Div II. The 4 teams that will be in the play-offs has been decided: Texas High, Whitehouse, Hallsville and Marshall. The current standings look like this. Texas High 4-1 Whitehouse 4-1 Hallsville 3-2 Marshall 3-2 This week's schedule has Texas High vs. Pine Tree, Whitehouse vs. Marshall and Hallsville vs. Mt. Pleasant. If Hallsville, Marshall and Pine Tree all win then the top 4 all finish at 4-2!!! I guess seeding will be determined by some kind of point spread?!? Now, Hallsville and Marshall both could and should win but PT bearing Texas High is very unlikely. But if they do, wow!! Quadruple District Champs!!
  10. Also forecasts are calling for hail and a slight possibility of tornadoes.
  11. Everyone post any High School games that were schedule for Friday night and have been move to Thursday due to the possibility of severe weather. The 2 I know of are Longview vs. West Mesquite @ Lobo Stadium 7 pm and Hallsville vs. Mt. Pleasant @ Bobcat Stadium 7:30 pm.
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