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  1. If it is the one I'm hearing, he is a Hallasville graduate and an OC in the metroplex area.
  2. Evidently Texan Live has crashed!! I have an account with NFHS and it says the broadcast has been delayed!!
  3. Someone help me remember. As I was reading through the information about this weeks game on the opening page, I saw in the "On This Date in History" the 1964 Lobo win over Texas High. I'm pretty sure I was at that game (9 years old). If I remember correctly Texas High came to Lobo Stadium ranked #1 in the State and James Street led a 12-0 upset with a big brawl at mid field after the game. Am I remembering this correctly?
  4. Anyone have any idea what has happened to all of the media? KMHT and Jack FM don't have any broadcast feeds going and the video stream went out.
  5. I'm thinking that several open positions are on hold until the coronavirus issue is over. May be hard to do in person interviews, though they can do video interviews. Also, it looks like Spring Training for 5A and 6A may be a no go so there's not as much urgency to get this done as it was earlier!! (Especially if they decide to hire a former Bobcat coach who knows the situation)
  6. I remember that up until about 1975 class B only played up to the regional round in football. Somewhere around the mid '70's they started playing for a state championship.
  7. No. Districts with 12 or more teams were divided into two zones.Teams only played those in their zone for district games. The winners of each zone played for the District Championship the week before Bi-District.
  8. Hallsville beat Frisco Wakeland twice today to advance. Game 1 Hallsville 3 Wakeland 1. Game 2 Hallsville 5 Wakeland 3.
  9. I'm not positive of the order but Hallsville's 3 non-district opponents are Terrell, Kilgore and Bullard.
  10. Does anybody know Hallsville's schedule for next year? It seems to be the best kept secret in East Texas!! Nobody around here knows anything!!
  11. Hallsville 1461 Marshall 1407 Reported in the Marshall Messenger today.
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