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  1. Game moved to Friday night so that WFAA - Channel 8 can broadcast the game. The last time this happened Melissa shocked Argyle and beat them 21 - 0.
  2. Walker (QB) and Easton (WR) are both small but lightning fast. Excellent athletes. Also excellent baseball players. (Their first love.)
  3. The State of Texas and TEA do not consider Head Football Coach and Campus Cordinator as a "hard to fill" position. In order to collect retirement he will have to not teach or coach for one year. He can then return to teaching/coaching but retirement pay is reduced by half. You have to be a principal, math, science, or special ed teacher to be able to retire/rehire at the present time.
  4. Lovejoy is just east of Allen. Up until 3 years ago their high school students attended Allen High School.
  5. I have known Coach Duck for several years at McKinney North. He is a great coach and an even better man. He is the kind of coach that you want your son playing for. I guarantee you that he will bring enthusiam to the entire Queen City program not just football. :happy65: :happy65: :happy65:
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