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  1. #2 has got great vision. Finding holes
  2. Thought we had offensive PI there
  3. Big 4th down conversions by both teams this half. Now Dawgs are pounding.
  4. Hawks with a stop, now marching into Bulldogs territory
  5. Argyle came out and punched PG in the mouth, a la WOS 3 years ago. although PG has fought hard, they just don’t have what it takes to beat Argyle tonight. It has been a rough night on both side of the trenches, but too much. Argyle is running the same basic handoff on most plays, kind of in take it back a notch mode. Kudos to both squads, this has been a great match.
  6. Argyle showed up. PG has come back on them before. But Instead of Antonio Graves, Nick Martin is going to have to step up.
  7. I have been out of service, so I’ll jump back in. Of course I am picking the Hawks, but HawNation can’t be overconfident in this one. Reminds me of last year when Carthage came to town. We are All That, but so are Juggernauts like the Bulldogs and Eagles. Still, the Hawks are known for taking down big dogs, November 27,2009 PG won over Argyle 35-19. So, anything is possible. but, regardless, it will be a game for the books! i will be watching out of country, but there in Spirit.
  8. Sorry, I stayed away from the thread until the games played out. Debating seemed very much useless. So, I am just getting caught up. All this talk about best this, and best that is not really that much fun, because defining what the "Best" means is too vague. Kinda like Brady is the GOAT as a player, but Brees is the better Quarterback/passer. Best College QB, or Best Stats, or best One Season. Too many parameters.
  9. I had picked 45-24. LSU missed the FG, and Clemson went for 2 and got it. You were on target...
  10. OK, so who can you say had a better year?
  11. Just like HS. Every year, LSU, 'Bama, and other top teams lose Seniors AND Juniors to the NFL. Every year they keep coming back. Circle of life. Of course nobody expects the Tigers to duplicate the success of this year, they had arguably the best season ever. But, that does not mean that they will not be good, or great. Pre Season Polls, or really ANY Polls, tend to be the subject of much contention between the makers and Fans. I don't put much stock in them at all. Much like this year, I just wait until the game is played, and then we KNOW who is best.
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