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  1. My Thunder looking good. PG just took over tonight in the 4th.
  2. OU gets in over OSU. However, if Georgia wins on Saturday (which they won’t) neither OU nor OSU get in as the 4th spot would go to Georgia.
  3. BYU LSU OU Stanford Auburn Texas A&M Cal Missouri Baylor  Notre Dame  *Tiebreaker: 70
  4. Washington Oregon West Virginia Texas Mississippi State Washington State TCU Ohio State Stanford Kentucky tiebreaker: 83
  5. 1) Temple 2) Washington State 3) Louisville 4) Texas A&M 5) Baylor 6) TCU 7) Oklahoma State 8) Florida 9) Stanford 10) Washington *Tiebreaker: 24
  6. 1) OU 2) Florida State 3) Auburn 4)Oklahoma State 5) Florida 6) Duke 7) Houston 8). Ohio State 9) Texas  10) Washington  *Tiebreaker: 232
  7. 1) Mississippi State 2) Arizona 3) OU 4) Georgia 5) Nebraska 6) Iowa 7) Clemson 8). Penn State 9) USC 10) Michigan State *Tiebreaker: 48
  8. Sumlin doing what he does best..not having his team prepared.
  9. 1) Colorado 2) Texas 3) Ole Miss 4) Auburn 5) West Virginia 6) North Carolina 7) Michigan 8) North Texas 9) Alabama 10) Arizona *Tiebreaker: 262
  10. This is the first season since probably ever, that I just don't care to watch a single game because of the product that we're putting on the field. Our "ace" is washed up and tops out with at 88 mph. If he doesn't have control any specific night, he's horrible. And I i have to watch any more games with Ryan Rua starting in left field!!!! I may just puke. What a hate more than anything is that Beltre is stuck here in his last fews seasons of his hall of fame career. Trade that man at the deadline and let him play for a contender before he hangs it up.
  11. I picked Clemson and OU in the pick'ems so I'm sticking with that.
  12. The West Virginia victory for A&M keeps looking better and better.
  13. They were without 2 starters. The leading scorer and their best perimeter defender in Admon Gilder.
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