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  1. Lets just see how the kids actually compete. Damn winning. Just be competitive. It’ll take more than 1 year to rid this program of the rotten stench left behind. I’m hopeful, but practical. Just going .500 would be a major step in the rt direction. Have you all forgotten just how bad this program has been recently? Patience.
  2. Possibly so, but that does nothing to take away from the point he was originally trying to make.
  3. Totally agree with both points. This is true and it’s been true for possibly the past 25 years or more. I’ve always seen JT as more Dallas Carter, Skyline than say ummm…Im not even sure. I totally get what he’s saying though. It’s just kind of difficult to admit, when the other hs 10 minutes away actually has resembled a suburban school for so long.
  4. I mostly agree with the difference in classifications debate. Although I believe the biggest difference and where I tend to lean the other way is depth. The lower classified teams could compete for maybe a half, then the depth of the larger class would take over. And yes, this includes teams like Carthage too. Now, where what you all are saying really happens is on the hardwood. Pause. You regularly see lower classes compete and even dominate larger schools. Question…Could this current Carthage team have beaten a very down Tyler High team this year?
  5. Don’t forget Chris Bosh. If I recall correctly, I believe Bosh played tailback for that Lincoln team. I could be wrong though.
  6. Just realize that there are a lot more “extracurricular activities” for kids to “get into” in the inner city than just football. The fact that back to back championships had never been won by a DISD team says something might be a bit more challenging in the city than it is else where.
  7. The ignorance in the backwudz of ETX never ceases to amaze. I wonder has he ever even been anywhere near the Oak Cliff area. Just….nevermind. I’ve probably already said too much. Geez.
  8. It’s all moot at this point. The fan base got what it believes it wanted. I’m sure he’s moved on so, let’s not be toxic. It really doesn’t matter how we got here. All that matters now is finding the right person for the job. I don’t see this as being a quick fix situation. I also don’t believe poaching a talented OC or DC is going to solve TH problems. Most of Holmes offenses were prolific. TH had mostly game management and line of scrimmage issues. Their problems started when they made the decision to outscore teams instead of the willingness to win games 21-7. That and non of the scheme seemed complementary to any other part. I think the whole thing was just mismanaged more than anything else. Watching this weekend’s championship games just further magnifies my belief. Carthage IS EXTREMELY well coached. SOC just exploited matchups. The SOC approach would be the quicker fix in my opinion.
  9. Was this truly the case yesterday? Many would argue otherwise . Elite coaching leveled the playing field or conservative coaching leveled the playing field…I guess two things can be true.
  10. Oh and also 20 wasn’t utilized enough. Why keep slamming both of your backs into a brick wall all game. I believe Washington on the edges could’ve changed that game for LV. Coming from a JT fan, it’s just odd to watch not letting your athletes “out athlete” . Why? Duncanville, DeSoto, Soc and NS ALL did it yesterday.
  11. I knew the failure or inability to get Hale the ball would be the downfall of the Lobos this season. Something looked off ALL year. He was too easy to take out of the game plan and it was nothing the opposing teams defense was doing to him. Timberview did it last week with single coverage all game. I believe someone overthought it and depended too much on the run game. Tatum is great but Hale is “different”. You force feed “different” the ball all game long. Aledo had nothing that could match up with him. It should’ve been as simple as “my athlete is better than yours, match up”. Even JT’s former head coach had this formula down.
  12. Geez, just wait it out. Just throwing out random names of coaches and weird hypotheticals does nothing for anyone. It’s actually kind of messy to just assume these people would leave their current situations. What even makes this job desirable outside of the salary? I believe it’ll be a lot harder to fill than people think. After all, look at what was done to a home grown, winning head coach. A lot of it was probably self inflicted, but still. Be careful what you wish for…..
  13. Oh also, I just don’t really think he was ever a good coach as far as game planning, clock management or strategy. Even in the good years JT just rolled out there and would out(athlete) most teams. Name me ONE game, just ONE in his whole tenure, where JT won as an actual underdog. I’ll wait. They’ve been out coached since he got the job. He never improved. The overall talent pool just always hid it.
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