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  1. Lol. Not this foolishness again. Bad teams, returning bad players with bad coaches pushing a bad scheme doesn’t equate to being a much better team. Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that. These kids don’t even know how to win anymore. Let’s not even get into the horrible play calling or game management aspects. As I asked in a previous post, “What exactly is their philosophy?” It just may be time to admit the the head man is just in over his head. If I’m McFall, I’d highly consider….nevermind lol.
  2. Uhhh…..And exactly what is the current philosophy? Do tell. Requiring an all-state qb to run your offense doesn’t exactly qualify as a philosophy. I’ve seen both games this season. JT is not without talent, it’s just misused. What the current regime needs to realize is that’s it’s okay to win games with 21-24 points. Put your best players on defense. They have the athletes to manufacture 21-24 offensive points just on talent alone. Alan Wilson knew this. JTs best teams were predicated on defense and opportunistic offenses. The lone exception being the Greg Ward/Fred Ross years and good luck trying recreate that.
  3. Ya'll do realize that you can return all 22 starters from a losing team, but if none of the players have improved in the slightest...well, that just leaves you with a slightly more experienced losing team. Miller wouldn't change the outcome of what Legacy is about to do to JT. The district lines are the district lines, its about time we all get over that. That excuse is overused and outdated. That literally has zero to do with why JT can't be competitive with TH. 24-10? Sure. Anyone who watched that game knows that TH was easily 25 points better than JT. While there is a definite drop in the talent pool at JT, with the talent on hand, you should be able to scheme your way to being competitive. All I seen this past Friday night was a team that has become accustomed to losing. They don't seem confident in anything they're doing. They almost seem like they expect to lose. All these losses look exactly the same. Tough break for the kids. I hope they know that due to past success (that a lot of them weren't even born to see) not one team is gonna feel sorry for em. My guess is they'll continue to be bullied all season long. This one should be over fairly early though. Pains me to say, Lee by at least 24 points....at the half lol.
  4. Lmaooooo. The 7th or 8th grade team? Maybe that should be the next poll
  5. Me personally, I’d love to see him remain as the head coach. He deserves every opportunity to see if he can get things turned around. Now, it’s a whole different ballgame if he’s actually the problem. The problem falls on TISDs failings to do a proper search to fill the position in the first place. He just wasn’t ready to be the head coach at JT. I believe the expectation was for him to grow into the job and I believe he has. He should probably just be landing the JT coaching job this year. He’s done some awesome things for the program but anyone looking at the actual games can see he hasn’t gotten any better as an X’s and O’s coach. At this point you kinda have to question does he even have that in him. At least two of those playoff runs result in state titles with just a lil bit better coaching. Those teams were loaded. What’s the last team JT has beaten when they weren’t favored? I honestly think he probably needs to fill out his staff with older, more experienced coaches. I definitely don’t believe he should be developing coaches yet. These recent JT teams have looked unprepared and don’t even appear to have game plans. Even some of the winning teams in years past looked that way. And If it’s truly ego...sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and swallow your pride. Especially, with a seemingly shrinking talent pool. Coaches need players just as players need coaches. He knew he needed a QB this season. Oh and he has to quit letting people gaslight him for god’s sake. Be accountable, remain silent and let the successes speak for themselves.
  6. Lol. Well....we actually are kind of supposed to beat Sherman and East because of who we are. Ijs. JT started heading downhill the moment they decided to put all their talent on the offensive side of the ball and not stop anyone. They could easily score 40 yet still lose, instead of scoring 21, stopping your opponents and winning. You can always find ways to manufacture points.
  7. I side with JTFAN99. A down JT team should be able to compete with some of Sherman’s best teams. 9 points is unacceptable. A true working system would mitigate some JTs numbers problem. Contrary to popular belief, a talent based system, isn’t actually a system at all. That can’t even be considered a plan. Outside of that they don’t even attempt to play complementary football at all. A team with numbers and depth problem should not be running a spread offense. That in no way helps the defense. These issues aren’t new to JT. JT has always had a numbers problem, even at the height of their success. The coaches are aware of the talent it’s getting long before they reach varsity. They’ve made no adjustments to what they’ve seen coming. With a system in place, even in lean years, you’re competitive. How do you think some of these schools NEVER have down years? The 90s teams were so successful because of the system in place. It allowed them to compete at the highest level with lower numbers. Add talent to a true working system and you become dominant.
  8. Ha! That is all. Oh naa, wait. Hahahhahah! Yea. That’s better.
  9. In all honesty, dude was pretty much handed the JT job. 9 years in coaching years really Isnt that long at all. Truth be told, he should probably just now be landing the JT job. I’m sure he’s still figuring it out. Thing is though, normally you figure it out on a lower level at a lower profiled school. No one ever even stopped to ask if he could coach. At 100k a year, in my hometown...yea rt, I’m not going anywhere voluntarily. Y’all would have to drag me outta here lol.
  10. A **** clown show. I honestly believe the kids are trying their best to be competitive, but this staff has to do right by the players put them in positions to be successful (or at least not be embarrassed)!! 21 of these points are directly attributed to the coaching staff. Even in this game, you still see glimpses of what’s here. It just needs to be better coordinated.
  11. In that case, money well spent then. Kinda like refacing high schools...smh Tyler. The boys basketball program went thru a similar type situation in the 90’s. Won, but never won big due to the coaches ego. The talent was there. Yearly, you can win enough games to justify not being fired off the talent pool alone at JT. Do we not want to compete for state titles? People in this very thread actually think playing HP within 50 points would be some kind of moral victory, not to mention an unlikelihood. I mean, Tyler/Sherman is a toss up game!! Really? Think about that. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  12. Obviously, the lack of growth on “Da Nawf” and West sides of the city are the main culprits to what JT is going thru right now. A lack of decent paying unskilled labor jobs forces certain age groups and demographics to move out of Tyler. It’s a transplant medical and retirement town. We should be seeing legacy type names on the rosters of both Tyler programs by now. My personal prediction is that 3-8 football seasons will become more of the norm for this program. High school football is simple. You either out scheme (ala HP), and let’s not kid our selves, this staff isn’t out scheming anybody ever. Or you out “athlete” teams (Duncanville) which JT can’t seem to do anymore. When scheme meets talent, you get state titles. Any one of us could win 10 plus games with the Qb talent JT had in years past. HS programs don’t have runs at the QB position like that. It’s almost unheard of. Should’ve won big when you had the horses. The coach has become bigger than the program. Ego? Possibly. He’ll never win big by running off players though. He should be able to be consistently successful year in and year out. He should definitely be able to suit up a freshman squad.
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