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  1. Looking for an English or Science coach. I know it's late, but we had a tragic loss at our school last week. DM if interested. Thank you.
  2. What’s the furthest a FWISD football team has gone in the playoffs in the last 5-10 yrs?? Not being a jerk. I don’t know if there has been one that has made a deep run. I just can’t recall a team in the 2nd or 3rd round off the top of my head.
  3. There is a reason Ft. Worth ISD has to cater to coaches outside the State of Texas.
  4. East Texas fast?? Check out Desoto’s 4x1
  5. Oh Lort.....better give on that new liver list in a hurry then.
  6. I'm guessing 2-10 is kinda by default. I'm also assuming everyone had huge JV seasons, to boost their expected upcoming turn around season. Among those 10, there were 3 playoff wins (All by Lufkin) and 4 of them did not make the playoffs. Cupboard is bare??? or changing of regional football dominance, or coaching.....or what? I'm willing to listen. Texas Football is better when East Texas Football is strong.
  7. Athletically, no way. D'field has had some amazing success. But when comparing school boards, many are in a tie for dead last.
  8. I don't think those positions are ever REALLY open.....
  9. Desoto is just the opening of the show. SLC will be feature act of the DFW circus.
  10. Saw that. Yea, he will probably get it. Marshall will be open.....Again. crazy.
  11. Witch hunt. Extremely tough profession to be a part of. Plenty of work to do, little money involved, impacting young people at a crucial time in their life, little to no credit given when it is due, mountain of criticism, multiple hats to wear, weak admin, absent parents, declining community support. We keep fighting though. Profession is being attacked every day. Thank you to the people who do the right thing, #### off to the people who make it worse.
  12. Depends on the play. Did they throw it to the Tackle? Nothing wrong with the formation. Looks like 4 in the backfield to me.
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