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  1. "EYE" have found a winner San Antonio Sidney Lanier High School "VOKS" Yes Voks
  2. ADMIRALA 1, If you just found out last night that Tatum finished 15-20, then you ain't much of a fan. If you supported your team then you would have known what their record was at the end of the season.not 2 weeks after It sickens me that people are so disloyal and just country stupid
  3. Union Grove Baseball Tournament March 2,3,4 needs one more team Please contact Derrick Conde by email [email protected] or Contact Union Grove AD, Roger Adams 903-844-3913
  4. Everybody's favorite winter sport, Powerlifting!!! 15 minutes of excitement packed into 12 hours of smelling sweat and a$$ Spring sport has gotta be golf. Everyone needs a good nap during the spring. Golf induces the deepest sleep known to man
  5. Looking for games home or away Dates: Feb. 27 or 28 March 6 or 7 March 13, 14 or 15 Please call fieldhouse (903) 844-3913 or contact Derrick Conde at [email protected]
  6. Can "EYE" have my crow with a side order of cheese fries and a Big Red soda?? Congrats "J" ville
  7. "EYE" have to look at the competition between the two teams. By doing so, I'm gonna go with the Hallsville Bobcats. Feeling that H-Ville has played tougher teams Could be eating crow after Friday but just a gut feeling Best of luck to both teams Play hard and no injuries!
  8. Big win for da Bears Congrats to Glade H2O
  9. All this idle chitt chatt and B.S. continues to go on and most forget what really happened. A wrong was done. Either on purpose or not, something wrong was done. By a school administrator, a wrong number was turned in. I was raised that if you have done something wrong, you man up and pay the consequence. You man up and accept the punishment. Don't sweep it under the rug or say, "That's ok, we know you didn't mean too" No matter how big or small, you pay the price. The fact is this, Lufkin turned in the wrong numbers. They have participated in the wrong classification. That's the FACT. To me, that's like playing an ineligible player. All wins should be taken away. UIL should have dismissed Lufkin from all playoffs when the situation first came to light. A wrong is a wrong. Man up, put your big boy pants on, admit to the wrong. Yes sad for the kids, but life aint perfect. Shame on UIL for not having the intestinal fortitude for making the correct, and time sensitive decision. Forfeit all victories the school participated in. Let Lufkin ISD decide on what to do to the person (or people) who is guilty. To me, simple answers and solutions. oh, but wait, I am a Republican.
  10. Football of 1976 District was Pine Tree, Kilgore, Henderson, Athens, Palestine, Jacksonville, Crockett, Hallsville, Center, Chapel Hill and Carthage. One team went, Pine Tree was 9-1 Kilgore lost to PT game one by 1 point. Kilgore tied Henderson then won 8 straight including a 17-0 victory over J'Ville who was ranked in top ten in state. Kilgore ended 8-1-1 and stayed at home. J'Ville beat PT but lost to Kilgore and someone else (8-2 I think) Good teams left at home due to only one could go on. Gotta be ready every week, but now top 4 will represent district for playoffs Good luck to all 11 teams districts
  11. I hate this for coach Frazier. He is a good coach, well deserving of the job. For some reason, East Texas people have no trust in East Texas people as a coach. They feel that the best coaches have to come from a big school from the metroplex or from a big name school who has several rings. We have great coaches that are born and bred here in East Texas. (Alexander, Surratt, Bowman, and now Keeling). Several more Tatum is a beautiful school district, blessed to have the finest facilities around but, now is the laughing stock and the butt of all jokes. Egg in the face Shame on the whole process, people involved with the decision making and all the people sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. Lastly, media has ruined many a good men chances for jobs because of letting people speak their minds of "being in the know" and for trying to be the "first" with the latest news before getting facts right. Shame, shame shame All in all this is the facts: A great coach has been embarrassed- undeserved A school leader (supt.) has decided on a person then shot down by a board- poor communication in the process and maybe just plain ol back woods stupid Allot of people think they are in the know and leak out "information" before the truth is known- ignorance with a computer at home Yes, we all have the right to our opinion and freedom of speech. But please do it with truth and class not hear say
  12. If it rains game out in Gary or field is deemed too wet, be ready to travel to Graford, Texas Complete Turf field and is open for play
  13. "EYE" tried to start a tread earlier today but it got banned. Still trying to understand what was wrong.................... Any way,,,,, Coaches do you have a statement in your district minutes stating that all district selections should not be made public till all schools are out of the playoffs? Our district does, but it seems some schools did not adhere to the rules. Your thoughts????????????????
  14. "EYE" two wuz home skouled. jest mee and mom "EYE" gratuated valaviktoriun. STARR testing to me is a joke. Kids are taught to take a test. They become robots answering programmed questions. Kids rely on teachers to give the correct answers, they can't think for themselves and when they do earn a diploma, reality slaps the hell out of them and they struggle in real life. Teach the kids real world stuff, forget the test (test made by some "god") Just my take P.S.- "EYE" wasn't home schooled, nothing wrong with home schooled, just having a little fun
  15. This is my take on track and field. The running part helps all sports not just football. Conditioning, commitment, discipline, mental toughness, and team work(aka:relays). Field events are more for the individual aspect of athletics. Some team, points for the team I used to think there was a connection of football success and track success. Not as much now. As the old saying go, "Its all about the Tommy's and the Joe's not the X's and the O's" in football For track, "You can't win the Kentucky Derby with a Jackass" So, "EYE" say, if you got the athletes you will be successful no matter what sport.
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