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  1. I understand that Kincade's brother will be the Head Football Coach. Coach Evans has been loyal to that district and you will not find a better man. I am having a hard time figuring this one out. Somebody help me.
  2. I learned last Friday that Scott Evans had been removed as A.D. at Winona and that Tracy Kincade was given the job. Kincade is the girls basketball coach that came from Rusk. Knowing Coach Evans for many years..................Winona administration what are you thinking?
  3. Not only have kids become more lazy through the years so have the coaches. God forbid they go out on a Saturday and coach their kids. When I first started coaching we always had all day meets on Saturday. We would always go to a meet during Spring Break too, usually at Atlanta. I asked one of my track kids on Friday after our meet if she wanted me to take her to a meet during Spring Break, and she let me know pretty quickly, no way! She is an exceptional hurdler that would have competed well at Atlanta.
  4. I'm just wondering how often your athletic booster club meets and on what day or night.This is for schools that have just one booster club for all of the sports together. Just curious.
  5. Did Chadwick leave on his own terms?
  6. Like I said earlier, the relays hurt the Lady Cards. They had one relay qualify and got zero points from it. Tatum had 40 points from relays. Finishing only 13 points behind Tatum with no relays is not bad.
  7. Sabine will be hurting on the relays this weekend.
  8. I understand. You put your best on the relays when needed.
  9. I was just curious as to how district 21AA would have stacked up against district 20AA. I took the results from each district's respective meet and compared the performances of Sabine vs. Tatum and Jefferson. Comparing the top 4 finishers in each event Sabine comes out with 140.5 points to Tatum's 103 and Jefferson's 74. Interesting,don't you think? I do understand that regional will be an entirely different dynamic as was the area meet. Not sure what depth Tatum has. Certainly not much in the field events. lol
  10. Just coming off of their third straight district championship, the Sabine Lady Cards look for their 7th straight meet championship this season tomorrow at Crockett at the 20/21AA area meet. The Lady Cards dominated 21AA last week outdistancing the second place team by 86 points. Go Lady Cards!
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