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  1. Harmony take game 2 over Sabine 6-1 Game 3 starting soon.
  2. I don’t know they be weren’t as weird about Billingsly this year or Robinson last year.
  3. It really bothered Bama fans that Hall chose to leave and go to Texas. That fanbase has been super weird about it from the beginning.
  4. Texas has Pitt WR transfer Jordan Addison on campus for an official visit. I think Texas is a long shot and I think he’s just giving his former position coach a courtesy visit.
  5. Harmony vs Tatum @Longview HS Thursday 7:00 Friday 7:00 Saturday 1:00 if needed
  6. Harmony beat Atlanta 3-2 Friday night. Awaiting the winner of Tatum and Hughes Springs.
  7. Anyone want to take a stab at how the QB position shakes out before fall camp? Card or Ewers? Will Sark play both?
  8. WETSU you know Jimbo wouldn’t know what to do with an elite wide receiver.
  9. My bet is Lincoln Riley. He’s looking for the quick fix instead of recruiting hard and building his roster. He was spoiled at OU, Stoops left him and OU in a great spot to run with a ready to win roster. Clay Helton left USC in rough shape. Lucky for him USC recruits itself and there isn’t much competition for top recruits on the west coast. Still it’s going to be interesting to see if Riley can build his own program.
  10. Baseball is a funny game. If a couple bullpen arms figure it out over the next month they’ll be that team no one wants to see in their regional. The lack of a veteran presence in the bullpen has really hurt the young guys that were very good to start the season.
  11. Texas fans have been telling everyone these last couple seasons that Texas was lacking talent and development. Strong and Herman really struggled with developing players and elite talent has been leaving Texas for SEC and Ohio St for years. Some of these guys will stick as free agents like, Poona Ford, Lil Jordan Humphrey, Andrew Beck, PJ Locke, and Calvin Anderson. I believe that Sark has hired really well and is assembling some talent. We’ll see if they can develop.
  12. Blah! Texas drops a huge series to OkSt in ugly fashion today. After an 8-6 loss last night in a back and forth game 1. Texas was soundly beaten today 14-3. They’ll look to salvage game 3 tomorrow, where they are undefeated in conference play. This loss probably puts an end to hopes of a national seed and puts hosting a regional on thin ice. The pitching staff has continues to get worse since losing Tanner Witt. It’s really crazy how this team started so hot and didn’t lose their first game until Witts scratched start vs UCLA since then it’s been a completely different pitching staff. The offense is the only reason this team has a chance to host a regional.
  13. Despite the struggles with the bullpen, #10 Texas has a chance to take over first place in the Big12 this weekend with a series vs #8 Oklahoma St. Texas sits 3rd in the Big12 standing behind TCU and OkSt. Texas won their series vs TCU already this season.
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