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  1. It’s only 1 half but the Harmony Qb is the best player on the field.
  2. 7:27 left in the half TO Newton leading 8-7 Harmony driving on the Newton 21
  3. If Harmony is going to win they have to take care of the ball and stay ahead of the chains on offense. Do what you’ve been doing and grind out long time consuming touchdown drives. On defense they have to limit explosive touchdowns and force Newton to go on long drives to score. Get stops in the redzone. Keep your head down and just keep playing.
  4. UTSA Utah TCU Toledo Troy Georgia Tulane Boise St Michigan Clemson Tiebreaker: 23
  5. Yeah I missed that one but being a Longhorn fan I followed Overstreets career.
  6. Yeah gotta get it in while we can. Nobody wants to talk smack in our best sports, so I had to get one in and y’all being Eagles too was just too good a shot to not take.
  7. All in good fun. Hopefully we’ll get to play them in baseball again this year. They have a fun passionate fanbase. Makes the games more enjoyable.
  8. Yeah they rest of these guys have been passed up by younger players. Maybe Omiere feels like he is healthy enough to play?
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