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  1. This should be an incredible final. I think these are clearly the best two teams in the country this year. Don’t care who wins just want to see some well played baseball.
  2. The Texas job has been so quiet. I’ve actually read more for Aggie fansites than Texas. Will be an intriguing few days after the CWS ends.
  3. I’m not a fan of taking Aledo backs. They are workhorses in high school. This isn’t a bad thing for Texas imo.
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with where the game is played. Oklahoma softball has an incredible program and their success has created a huge home field advantage at the WCWS for them. If you don’t like it then beat them. One thing I wouldn’t allow if I was the NCAA, I wouldn’t allow the stadium to be used by DI teams in any capacity before the WCWS. If your WS is going to be played at the same place every year that place should hold a bit of mystic and awe when the players reach the WS. It should be hollowed grounds and not used for nonconference tournaments or conference championship tournaments.
  5. I can’t understand why everyone thought this was newsworthy all weekend. Lamborghini of Austin has been an NIL partner with Texas players since Bijan was a sophomore at Texas. Texas has been using Lambos at recruiting events since Herman’s first year at least. NIL was made legal and everyone was so excited about it until they realized they allowed Texas to use their biggest resources to attract 17-18 year olds.
  6. He was mentioned in the Long Beach State job last time it was open and I believe it’s open again. It’s a program with good history and where he played. Clemson coach just finished his season, maybe some movement coming?
  7. It was a very frustrating baseball season. I don’t think you can have much faith in Pierce going into the SEC and I don’t think he can navigate the portal like he needs to. Question is who is the guy you bring in? Gotta trust Del Conte, he’s nailed every hire so far with Terry being the only question.
  8. Boyd takes game 2 over Harmony 2-0. Heckuva run by these Harmony seniors. In their 4 years they won 89 games, 4 straight district championships, and played at least 3 rounds deep every season in the playoffs. They just couldn’t get past the metroplex school in round 4.
  9. Yes and returned 9 starters, haha crazy.
  10. Boyd took game one 11-1. Tittle pitched well early in counts but too often couldn’t finish off the hitter. Hats off to the Boyd hitters, they were very tough even with 2 strikes and didn’t expand the zone. Game 2 is at 11am today.
  11. My apologies is misread the PBP I was reading last night.
  12. Did Tatum only have 2 pitchers? The Gunter starter was lights out after the delay.
  13. Regional semifinals is next and I know they’ll play Boyd but not sure when and where yet.
  14. Harmony advances over Atlanta in 3. Game 1, Harmony 7-2 Game 2, Atlanta 8-0 Game 3, Harmony 4-1
  15. Harmony vs Atlanta Thursday 7:00 Friday 7:00 Saturday 1:00 if necessary All games at Tatum
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