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  1. I think the potential is definitely there for this Texas team. There are more questions on defense with Edge and WLB being the biggest. The offense just has to make sure the Qb and Wr are on the same page. No one will replace Bijan but I think Brooks will give Texas plenty and from reports the offense will spread it out more and let Quinn throw it around. Excited to hear how the spring goes for the passing game.
  2. Ridiculously good girls basketball in District 13.
  3. I’m hoping the offense takes a big jump this year in the passing game. I think the secondary for the defense will be really good and even better if one of those young edge guys you mentioned can add another pass rusher to help Sorrell.
  4. There is a lot of hype for Texas right now. There is always hype but seems like more are expecting Texas to win the Big12 and contend for a playoff spot.
  5. Texas schedule for the upcoming season. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. No Cincy, UCF, West Virginia, Oklahoma St. Rice @ Alabama Wyoming @Baylor Kansas Oklahoma BYE @Houston BYU Kansas St @TCU @Iowa St Texas Tech
  6. I get the feeling Bennett is going to wear out his popularity amongst college football.
  7. I think if the oline can take the next step, Texas will go 4 wide more often either with 2 of the the following in the slot Sanders, Whit, or Worthy. That does require your RB to be solid in blitz pick up and Texas will be very young at that position this year.
  8. The #1 and #2 are both lefties. If memory serves me correctly the one I’m talking about threw game 2 vs Sabine and closed out game 3 in last years playoff matchup. I would describe him as more crafty than the #1 guy, so we’re probably talking about the same kid. Luckily he’s only a junior so he’ll get another year.
  9. Harmony lost their #2 pitcher and centerfielder to a knee injury during their state semifinal lost to Poth. They also have a new coach this year after Coach Atchley took the Kilgore job in the summer. They should still be a very salty team and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple freshmen step up in some key roles.
  10. Depends on your definition of great for an incoming freshman Qb. His body type is great, 6’4 215lbs and well built, probably been on a good eating and weight program for years. His mechanics are great, his quick release is great, he’s going to be very polished as a passer from day 1. His arm strength and accuracy are very solid but here is where competition level and speed of the game will start to hinder him until he can catch up. His persona is going to instill a lot of belief in him by his peers. He’s going to get a ton of respect from his fellow teammates because of who he is and who his Qb coaches are. Some guys are going to be more anthletic and going to get on the field quicker. Some guys are going to make more dynamic plays. He’s not going to be the type of greats like VY or Tebow or Manziel but if Texas and Sark can keep stacking talent around him, he’ll be plenty great for Texas.
  11. Texas picked up a commitment from their 2024 QB Trey Owens of Cy Fair. Don’t know much about him but he was the only Qb offer for Sark and I would assume he’s a guy that will stick around despite Arch being taken in the class ahead of him.
  12. Washington will be a preseason top 10 team. They return everyone from a top 10 team that went 11-2. They may not finish there but they’ll definitely start there. We
  13. Texas RT Christian Jones announced on his Instagram that he’ll return for his last year at Texas. All 5 starting lineman will return from an oline that started the same 5 in every game this season. It’ll be very interesting to see how the oline shakes out this off-season. I don’t think the same 5 start again.
  14. Couldn’t agree more. TCU had a great year and earned their way into this game but the talent is not the same. Win the more talented team is executing at that level, no one is beating them.
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