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  1. Is the Arkansas game at Jerry world or did that end last season?
  2. The muffed punts kept Murphy and possibly Arch from getting playing time. If Texas converts one of those into 6 on offense, Ewers comes out earlier and we probably get a series from each of the backups.
  3. Texas did what they were supposed to do. Offense was balanced and the defense was dominant. Special teams didn’t have a great night. Kansas is a much bigger test next week. It was fun to watch Texas dominate an inferior opponent.
  4. The freshmen on defense are so smart. Find Derek Williams 2 on defense, he is getting a lot of run with Texas having Catalon on a play count. He and Hill are such smart football players.
  5. Other than typical bumps and bruises this is the first game Harmony hasn’t sustained an injury. It’ll be interesting to see who they get back next week.
  6. Actually finishing has been the best part of this team. They’ve out scored opponents 42-15 in the 4th quarter. They finished off Alabama with a 7 minute drive just running the ball.
  7. Florida St Oklahoma Texas A&M TCU Alabama Utah Oregon Oregon St Texas Notre Dame Tiebreaker: 76
  8. There will be zero easy conference games for Texas or Oklahoma this year. Teams will play with a chip on their shoulder. I fully expect Baylor to play their best game of the year this week and I expect them to be called for zero holding calls on offense.
  9. Duke had a solid win to open the year, Utah as well with their backup Qb.
  10. That’s fine, the majority of the teams haven’t played anyone. The defense is elite and they’re undefeated without their coach.
  11. I’d have Georgia, Washington, Texas, Michigan, and Florida St as my top 5.
  12. The safety’s are a problem in coverage. Thompson got a pick-6 but before that he was getting beat regularly in man coverage. He is also slow, he had an angle on the long TD run for Wyoming but he was outrun. Freshmen Derrick Williams got a lot of run and Malik Muhammad played a lot as well. The defense is really good right now but there are ways to exploit it and speed at safety is a problem.
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