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  1. Harmony fan here, I would be lying if I told y’all I expected to play Newton this year. I tried to find some video of Newton to see what they do offensively and defensively but only found pre-district highlights. Judging off that video they blitz a lot and the Qb does everything on offense. Newton has done exactly what they were supposed to do to this point in the season. Harmony has beaten 3 teams they were supposed to lose too. Harmony has made history for their program and they’re playing with house money. They may not have a chance to beat Newton but the Harmony team will believe they have a chance. The coaches have shown they can prepare the team for each test and I’m excited to watch them get a shot.
  2. I like Sark and I think he’s going to be a good coach at Texas for a while. He does not deserve an extension yet. This season, record wise, was exactly what it was supposed to be. He didn’t exceed expectations or come up short in my opinion. The entire team was improved from last season and his willingness to stick with Quinn after his injury, when many others thought he should have gone to Card, will payoff huge for his offense next year. This defense is going to lose a lot but the offense should lead this team if Quinn develops over the offseason.
  3. Harmony QB Boston Seahorn was 14-19 188yds 3 TDs and ran for 167yds and 1 TD. Incredible performance from him and his oline.
  4. Harmony just did what they’ve been doing. The offense was 2 steps ahead of the Raider defense in the first half. An 8:34 drive that finished with a touchdown in the 3rd was a back breaker. Mata and Seahorn the two QBs are both really good and should be proud of their efforts. The dream season for Harmony continues with a trip to their first ever regional finals.
  5. Yes LE vs Gilmer. Just off the top of my head there was 5 guys that played in the NFL and the LE Qb played MLB.
  6. That was the best high school I’ve ever seen in person. That talent on those two teams was unbelievable.
  7. Ole Miss Tulane Texas Arizona North Carolina Michigan Clemson LSU USC Oklahoma Tiebreaker: 57
  8. Maybe Ojomo. He should go through the draft grade process.
  9. Goodness that was a rough couple of pages. Weather showing windy and wet conditions for Friday as of now. May be a low scoring contest.
  10. Cristobal is really good recruiter and there is a lot of talent in their backyard.
  11. Yes but I did like the east screen passes that Sark called early on. The slant to Worthy on 3rd and 7 early was the first slant I’ve seen in a long time.
  12. TCU having letdown is the least surprising thing to happen so far today.
  13. West Rusk beat Harmony in district play last year 63-18 at home. It’s going to be a tall task for the Eagles.
  14. That Qb for Hooks played a good game, he’s a strong runner and throw a good ball. He delivered a lot of hard hits himself but I think that took a toll later one in the game.
  15. Harmony defense stepped up huge in the second half, three 4th down stops. The offense ran the same stuff they did vs Dangerfield and never had to punt. The oline just was getting push all night. Hats off to the Hooks Qb, he was so good. He took some big hits and just kept going. Playing football during thanksgiving is an incredible feeling.
  16. 23-21 Hooks at half. Lots of penalties and Harmony fumbled the opening kickoff. Hooks settled for a FG on their first drive and missed the extra point on their last drive.
  17. Cool little picture made by the Harmony High School technology class.
  18. TCU Kansas St Texas Cal Iowa St Oklahoma UCLA Wake Forest Oregon Ole Miss Tiebreaker: 56
  19. Yeah hurt his knee in the DF game, just before halftime. Nothing torn from what I was told but he is out 4-6 weeks and I think it’s closer to 6.
  20. The defense for me is what is going to make this team fun. They won’t shoot that well every night but the defense should be there all season.
  21. Yeah Harmony missing their RB1 is tough. They have some good options to take on the role but his ability will be missed for sure. He ran back the opening kickoff against Hooks in game 1. How about we win this one and then week 1 next season we settle the rubber match at y’all’s place? Deal?
  22. I gotcha, Harmony fans aren’t much for trash talk. If you saw any of our threads before district we had “fans” create game week threads only to trash the team and poke fun at the school for making a coaching change. After the first district win all those “fans” disappeared. I think Harmony will win. This coaching staff has shown an ability to adjust their game plan in game and give their team a chance to win. They have had games where they threw it for 300 yards and games where they ran it for 300 yards. They aren’t going to overwhelm their opponents with athleticism but they have some good ball players and a team full of kids that play hard until the final whistle.
  23. What would you like to discuss, that’s hasn’t been?
  24. This should be a fun matchup. I expect both teams to leave it all on the field. History will be rewritten about one program for sure.
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