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  1. Texas has never signed the #1 QB and #1 RB in the same class before. They could move a little closer to accomplishing that feat later today with the possible commitment of RB Cedric Baxter Jr out of Florida.
  2. Guys brand means I can go to a different state, country, or continent with a Longhorn logo on my shirt and people will know what it is. It means the logo/name makes money regardless of whether you won a national championship. It means when you turn on the tv people that don’t follow sports knows who you are. That’s why the WSJ poll is more accurate than a recruiting poll. It’s about money and branding ability. That burnt orange and white or that Longhorn logo is undefeated in all branding categories. It’s not up for debate.
  3. Well if the ranking is for best brand then I’d go with the Wall Street Journal. Recruits like colleges for all sorts of things.
  4. IT said he was supposed to visit in June but family plans changed things. It would be really crazy if he chose Texas without a visit though.
  5. Those 6 3* guys haven’t gotten their Texas ratings boost yet.
  6. Chris Simms was pretty good while at Texas. But he’ll put up much better numbers than Simms just because of the different offensive philosophies alone.
  7. Saw yesterday Longviews Jalen Hale named his top 3 of Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. Committing on his birthday, September 7th.
  8. Removing the neck Longhorn is an upgrade regardless of the rest.
  9. This seems like a terrible idea. Might work for football but other sports are going to struggle hard.
  10. I think the biggest issues plaguing Texas recruiting has been lack of mental evaluations. Texas has struggled for years to recruit elites along the LOS. They’ve done better with project guys like Cosmi or Williams at LT. Higher ranking guys like Tyler Johnson or Patrick Hudson that were blue chip guys didn’t love football and were wasted scholarships.
  11. I like that Texas is pushing for early commits from the guys that are jumping in. This season is going to be huge for this staff and they have to win. They should be able to put more focus on the football season and recruit the bigger fish from this cycle that are waiting until December to decide.
  12. I don’t disagree and I think it’s his lack of live reps that hurts him. He has the arm talent in 7-7 he can make every throw and looks great but you throw a pass rush at him and his footwork suffers.
  13. Ewers has all the tools to win the job. I think Card is a guy that would need to sit a couple years because of his lack of reps. I think that’s where his happy feet comes from. Unfortunately for Card Texas isn’t going to be able to wait on him and he’s probably already been recruited over. Fall camp may be his last chance to prove himself because if Ewers is even then he’s the guy imo.
  14. Thompson was never going to be the guy. He was built and recruited for Hermans offense. I think Card is going to be tough to unseat as the starter in fall camp. One thing I never thought about with Card is his lack of live reps as a QB. He played WR as a freshman and sophomore at Lake Travis. Got a full year at QB as a Junior and then missed half of his senior year with a foot injury. RS at Texas as a freshman and was in and out of the lineup as a RS freshman last year. While Card is very polished in his mechanics, he doesn’t have near the live in-game reps at the QB position as Ewers or Manning. Diagnosing coverages in-game is something he has to improve because he has the arm talent.
  15. Wow that was a quick game. Ole Miss goes into the championship series without their ace, but we’ve got the 2 hottest teams in the country playing for it all.
  16. Sark and Texas just got a huge endorsement from the most beloved family in football. Maybe in the eyes of people with football knowledge he’s not a 5 star qb but that doesn’t really matter. Perception is he’s the best player in the country.
  17. Uh this is bigger than I expected. His commitment is trending #3 nationally on Twitter. Every football talking head is tweeting about it and it’s breaking news on ESPN.
  18. In a perfect world Ewers starts this year and kills it. He has a mother great year as Arch RS his freshman year. Ewers goes to the draft and Arch takes over as a RS freshman and Texas first year in the SEC.
  19. That’s it, let the hate flow through you.
  20. Yeah I understand the reason for tonight’s early start but all week playing at 6 for the evening game has been meh, imo.
  21. Arch Manning has committed to Texas! Wow that’s huge.
  22. I have not liked the 6pm start times for the evening games at this years CWS. Baseball under the lights is a much better product.
  23. I thought he got his fingers for sure. That was a great game, with a bit of drama in the end. Wish tomorrows game wasn’t 4pm start.
  24. As a Texas fan I don’t want to lose to either OU or A&M. I absolutely hate Oklahoma, the state, the school, the Sooner nickname, and double hate Bob Stoops weird finger. With A&M for me personally I just feel like they’re weird. The school, the Aggie nickname, their traditions, and the yell leaders. Now I will say my opinion of A&M was originally formed through my time in my FFA class. I lived in the metroplex in the 90s and don’t know if I ever met an Aggie fan until I moved to east Texas just before I started high school. I follow all sports and just as much womens as I do mens. So I want to beat OU and A&M in everything. Saying all that, the regular posters on here are all cool in my book. Rivalries are fun and I enjoy the back and forth. It’ll only increase when all these teams play each other regularly in a couple years.
  25. I knew they had 12 titles abs that they were all won many years ago but I didn’t realize they were that bad recently. I assume baseball isn’t a high priority in Southern Cal.
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