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  1. This is the age of entitlement, everyone should keep their job, no one should be let go. Good guy or bad, doesn't matter, ND wanted a new AD/HC and he needs his people in place. It is the nature of the job "Coach" no one is unreplaceable. These guys that are leaving probably did not want to do what the new guy wants, so it is their option to leave, it happens every where. Bum Philips said it best " there are two kinds of coaches, them that have been fired and them that are going to be fired, if you stay in the business long enough you will be both". In a small school like ND every coach probably coaches football, on the boys side anyway, so sports are tied together. The new AD/HC will not be fired if baseball loses, but if he does it's his job. He will hire the best baseball coach and Powerlifting coach he can find that will coach Football the way he wants and everyone will be fine. Everyone should think about the kids and make the transition as smooth as possible, give the new guy a chance and you may be happy with the results. Coarse Arm chair Coaches will never be happy unless they have something to ### about.
  2. I would not worry to much about Lee, I bet he can get a pretty good job pretty fast. He's probably already turned down some real good jobs. He has one year left and he will tell them to kiss off and take a bigger better job.
  3. A run base offensive is not effected by weather as much as a passing offense, or thats what my 34 years of coaching has lead me to believe.
  4. I don't usually agree with Kirk, but who cares if it's the first or tenth time a school plays for the championship. Who cares if the UIL makes money, they threat coaches and schools like we work for them, and they really work for us. Why should the DFW schools have the home field advantage every year. One site for the State games only help the people who are watching for the sake of just watching, they don't really care who wins or loses. In the Old days schools played neutral sites that were best for their fan base. When you play in Dallas or Houston or SA every year it keeps some parents that are less fortunate from attending and watching their kids play in the greatest game of their life. I just wonder how much money each school makes from a State game played in Jerry's world or NGR. Bottom line, the game is for the kids and their family and school, not for all the people that just want to watch. Just like THSCA school not being in Houston for 10 or 12 years, the largest region, with the most coaches is Reg.3, why was it not rotated like it was for 20 something years from Houston to Dallas back to Houston, back to Fort Worth, Money! Indoor facilities are great for the fans and the passing games, but what about the grind it out Wing T, I formation teams. Those teams had to play in all conditions to get to get to the State game, if they win the toss, play where they want.
  5. Lets see Art Briles, takes assistants job at Texas Tech, one year later Head Coach University Houston, not sure 2 or three years later Head Coach Baylor University.
  6. He's the reason you got your Smoaky handle, he used to throw 90 fly out of Red formation to you.
  7. It's been 11 years, you knock of about .04 sec per year because of old timmers disease, and they did run in lane 8 in both relays, and the 1.24 was at regional, second fastest time in state all classes, and Thacker ran just as fast as he needed to in the 100, he ran a 10.5 at the Huntsville meet. It didn't matter how fast Garrisons backs were, it was those beast up front that made them good.
  8. I remember back a few years ago Alto won the State Track Meet with 4 kids, 4x100 relay-41.2 sec, 4x200 relay- 1.24 min, and the 100 meters- 10.5, no one close to them. 5-4 in football that year, Garrison won 2A div. 2 state Football Championship, only one person went to Regional in track, he was a high jumper. Speed kills, but football players will beat you. Both teams have football players, it coming to depend on who has the most. Good luck to both teams, I dont have a dog in the fight. I do know both staffs, no one gets out coached. Hope its a great game.
  9. Jerek you obviously never played the game. Running backs run because they love to carry the ball. 20 times or 50 times, it does not matter. It's the best feeling in the world to hit a hole and it just opens up and you see daylight. If a back gets tired or winded he will let the coach know. Holloman is not very big, so he does not take big hits. If you watched the last two games you would know that an egg could have been taped to his head and it would not of been broken. Greenville or Sulphur Springs would not bite a biscuit, the closest Holloman would of come to getting hurt would been if he wore out his shoes and got a blister. Coaches can not win, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If you throw the ball people ###, if you don't throw it they ______, if you go for it on forth down they _____, if you don't they _____ . You should try and make everyone happy, you can't. MP won by one point, that's the closest game with SS in years, if the coaching staff would of decided to not let Holloman carry the ball after his thirty or thirty first carry and lost the game, you and everyone else would be _____ing. They were 0- 13 and no one was happy, now they are 2-0 in district and you want to _____ about how they are winning. Leave the coaching to coaches, they know what's best, after all they are with the kids everyday and they know them better than you.
  10. Take away an onside kick that the kicker kicked twice, and Athens beats Van. Athens and Van are two different kinds of teams, Athens is one dimensional, run and control clock and beat you down, Van is very balanced. Van did something a lot of spread teams don't usually do, stop a smash mouth football team. If you run the spread it is very hard to simulate the slot T in practice, because you don't have that kind of kid in practice to go against. Van is very fast and uses their speed well, both on offense and defense. Unless Vans QB has an off night, Paris is in trouble.
  11. I don't know all of Malakoff's opponents, but Dangerfield is 0-5, but look who they are 0-5 too. Gladewater, Atlanta, Gilmer, Henderson, and of coarse Malakoff. These teams only have 2 loses between them, and Dangerfield will be in the playoffs.
  12. Timersaver 13240 Valley Branch Dallas Taxas, 75234 www.timersavertemplates.com 972-620-2197 32 years and I like pin and paper better too. I got mine at coaching school about 2 or 3 years ago.
  13. Aaron did not resign because of assistant coach alone, he had been a varsity football coach for 5 or 6 years, he was told by new coach that he did not want head coaches from other sports being varsity football coaches. He did not want to coach sub varsity football. He also would of liked having some in put in the replacement of assistant baseball coaches that were run off. He did not get fired, he choose not to coach under new leadership. MP is a tough place to coach baseball, when you have to teach freshman kids to catch fly balls and to throw properly. This last class had more baseball players in it than any other in awhile. They still had to start 2 soph, and a freshman. Quarter Finals speaks for its self, two teams that placed higher in district went out a lot sooner than MP, you can be talented a win district, but coaching wins playoff games. It is easy to set on the outside and look in and make ### commits and cut someone down behind a fake name, go out and coach everyday and spend more time with other peoples kids than you do with your own. Aaron Pearson is a good coach and he did a great job with what he had, yes he had a great pitcher, but you can only tie a game if you don't score more runs than the other team. Stangstampede how far did your team, that you coached go Little league world series, or were you watching MP play in the Quarter Finals.
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