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  1. Kennard and Milano are closed til Tuesday, Jan. 18.
  2. The Tolar Rattlers are on to Round 3 playing Marlin in Alarado this Friday night at 7 pm. Noember 25. Tolar is home team. Gooooo Rattlers!!! Snake Farm!!!
  3. Tolar Rattlers face the Marlin Bulldogs at Alvarado Charles Head Stadium in Alvarado on Friday, November 26.
  4. Tolar 56. Cayuga 6 last night in Alarado's Charles Head Stadium. On to Round 2. Go Rattlers!!!!
  5. Great game last night!!! Best of luck to both teams for the rest of the season.
  6. May be the best team win tonight.....with good sportsmanship and no injuries.
  7. Most definitelly the 2007 State Championship game in Midlothian between Alto and Seymour. 40 mph winds!!! Brutal.
  8. Best of luck to Coach Gould and whoever gets the Alto job.
  9. Many prayers for this community.
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