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  1. Hearing rumors from very credible sources that Daniel Swaim is trying is hand at coaching roundball. Good lord if my sources are correct than the basketball world is fixing to get turned upside down and inside out as Swaim shows all these people what its all about. You see he's an old fool from the old school. He played basketball and the was on the A team. Or maybe he just meant he was on a team. Never got clarification on that one. He could coach the basketball team and then run right out there and coach the soccer team as well. That is just the kind of man Daniel the Legend Swaim is.
  2. Sir that is where you are mistaken as Daniel Swaim is from Kilgore.
  3. Would you say that his expectations are larger than the averages bears????
  4. Guys if Swaim has even been mentioned in Callisburg you have a fundraiser a bake sale or even a go fund me to raise what you need to get this bear of a man inside your school. Once he gets there there will be of course a hibernation period. But once this man comes to life you better watch out cause this man will rip through more defenses than the Cocaine Bear through campers. Swaim only comes to work to do 2 things. Win games and dip grizzly and he’s just put in his last pinch.
  5. in the 2015 game there was a handful. From this year I would say the Tatum Jefferson game was a good one. And The Tatum Whitney game were some good ones.
  6. Waskom vs Franklin 2015,2020,2021 even through I lost 2 of those 3 there were good games.
  7. Whatever school reels in this big fish usually buys him a fully loaded club car so I doubt it. But luckily for the Rams Swaim does 2 things well. Eat double meat burgers and coach football. And it looks like he got one of those out of the way.
  8. But I did see Daniel Swaim at the Whataburger getting a #2 combo extra onions and extra mustard. So the Rams got hope.
  9. KYKX did this for a while. Not double headers but Saturdays at Lobo. Coaches don't like losing home games and revenue that these big games bring in. That's why it has kind of fallen off. Even the battle of the border at the I Bowl has fallen off. I don't even think they do it anymore.
  10. Was a deal with Buggy Time on the table?
  11. When you are a football coaching legend sometimes you lack in negotiating skill and you pay too much for a golf cart that never existed
  12. But if he let it slip out that he was interested would it be????? I think we all know the answer to this. He could be the AD/HC Asst Principal and Supt all in one. He could also ride into town on an ostrich. Don't believe me....... I have seen him do it. The ostrich later died. But in true Swaim form he got right down and buried the ostrich gave him a eulogy kissed him on the beak and said Via Con Dios. It was a Spanish Ostrich.
  13. That's the thing about Daniel Swaim you don't have to see him or his name. But he lives rent free in your head like the boogey man. But only if the boogey man was a the greatest football coach to live and also gets ripped off when he tries to buy a golf cart.
  14. He is stepping down which we all know means Daniel Swaim is stepping up. Stepping up into his big old truck driving a pig down to South East Texas and bringing his winning ways with him. Heard he also has some read carhart cover all that are great to wear for half a game. Or if you are going to weald something on the sideline.
  15. Has there never been a rivalry between Pine Tree and Spring Hill? Legit asking. I would think there would be. 10 min drive and not exactly same size student wise but closer than others in the area.
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