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  1. There is a coach that usually get nominated for jobs that just moved an hour closer to Como-Pinkton. His name is Daniel Swaim. He goes where he is need to do 2 things dip snuff and score points. And he is all out of snuff. Throw in a goose neck and he is in.
  2. Maybe some of them left in the middle of the season to play golf with their dad or to go to Mexico to research shark medicine.
  3. Growing up a coaches kid and attending a game every Friday and being a ball boy on the sidelines I can tell you that I never remembered games getting delayed by lightning. Maybe they did but I don't remember you just played in the rain. The rain doesn't make teams cancel games it the chance of lightning and the delays of sitting around. Then another one hits and its 30 more mins and then its 30 more after that. Now its 10:00 and its the 2nd qtr and you have to go back out. Then it hits again and you have to come back on Saturday. When you could just move the game and have it be a normal game is the logic. I enjoy the rain games and a lot of kids do too. But that is the reasoning for it. Think back to when you were a player or watching your kids play. Did you ever had lightning delays? Cause I sure don't remember them if we did.
  4. 2015 was a crazy year EF had a ton back was picked to win the region by Dave Campbell and didn't make the play offs.
  5. Not the most "memorable" then?
  6. Ref might have gotten it right. I thought he was in too but then I saw this angle
  7. In 2014 Waskom beat Howe and Gunter then beat Sonora in the semi and then beat Newton in the final In 2015 Waskom beat Gunter in round 2 and Howe lost to West Rusk in round two. Waskom beat Idalou in the semi and then beat Franklin in state.
  8. 2015 cause we played them in the 2nd round and they were the 2nd place team that year. Howe won the district. Unless they lost one after that. Not sure about that.
  9. I am pretty sure Howe is the last team to beat Gunter in district a handful of years ago.
  10. Flexbone. Brought to you by the 2nd most famous person on Smoaky. Daniel Swaim.
  11. Are there any restaurants in Hemphill?
  12. Valid points and good comeback. I wasn’t at the game and I don’t know if one team was getting their kicks blocked or maybe they had some issues on snaps? I have no idea the answers to those questions. I think I might have gone for 2 if that was the case. But just from a mathematical stand point that was why I could see somebody doing that.
  13. So you were up by 9 points. Let me throw out a situation that your coach thought of and that is probably why he took a knee on the extra point. Played it really safe. If you kick the extra point right there you are up by 10. If you go for 2 and get it you are up by 11. So if you are up 9-11 points it’s all the same it is a 2 score game. But if you kick it and they block it run it back for 2 points you are now up by 7. Then you have to kick off to them. They score with no time on the clock. Kick the extra point and you are tied and have to go to overtime. Or they score with no time on the clock go for 2 and beat you. Not saying that would of happened but that is a situation that could be possible and that is probably why he took a knee to preserve a 2 score lead.
  14. These are really cool that in a town of around 1000 people and maybe less at that time went in to do such incredible things.
  15. rural towns in East Texas are dying. Look at Linden Kildare. They used to play Atlanta Hallsville Jefferson Pleasant Grove now they are 2a Div 2. Daingerfield used to play Carthage and Gilmer regularly and now the are 3A Div 2. Enrollments will keep dropping in East Texas rural communities as parents move to get jobs.
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