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  1. Could also have Tatum vs White Oak in the 3A Region 2 Final
  2. Tatum vs Gunter Game 1 Wednesday 7pm Game 2 Friday 7pm Game 3 Saturday 1pm All games at North Forney HS
  3. Tatum vs Winnsboro Thursday at Winnsboro 7pm Friday at Tatum 7 pm Saturday if necessary 6pm at Mike Carter
  4. Tatum vs Sabine all games in Carthage Thursday at 7pm Friday at 7pm Saturday (if ness) at 2pm
  5. Kenial Straim sounds like a disease you get in like Taiwan or something
  6. The world is not ready for such things
  7. Daniel Swaim is a coordinator from East Texas area.
  8. Daniel Swaim and Kerry Strong have been seen on campus together. There apparently is some DNA splicing machine that the government stored in the basement of Big Sandy High School for just such an occasion. Guys if the science department at Big Sandy can knock the dust off this machine and figure it out the sky nay the moon is the limit for things that can happen at Big Sandy. Once they get all the kinks out of the machine they are going straight to the trophy case and start making room for the championships that will eventually follow. And these teachers have it going on over there. Rumor is that have spliced a rat with mouse. Also a moose with a caribou. Now it is onto the next logical step Swaim with Strong. Which would make Coach Straim. We are through the looking glass here people.
  9. The kicker kicking 3 perfect OSKs in the 4th qtr helped out a lot with that too.
  10. They have a lot of nice girls down there
  11. Can we just combine the two men for this job that would be the perfect job for either Daniel Strong or Kerry Swaim. Make it happen Big Sandy ISD!!!
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