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  1. The Gaston kid is graduating. Not sure about the others. The QB is back and he is a good player. Return a lot on defense if I remember correctly.
  2. Newton only graduating 7 kids. Now those 7 were good player but return a lot as well.
  3. Sometimes their fullback disappears for a week or comes to practice hung over though.
  4. Waskom beat Ef didn’t hear a score
  5. Inside the nightmares of every opposing coach
  6. Baca has a long long long way to go before he can crack that list of Smoaky Mt Rushmore
  7. Daniel Swaim Kerry Strong Mike Thomas and the guy that is is the exact opposite of Kerry Strong in every way possible a coach Perry Weak
  8. But where is he in relation to Kerry Strong?
  9. centex1


    Daniel Swaim is a soccer coach. Done deal
  10. They actually have computerized wristbands now
  11. Jefferson 79 Waskom 73 in overtime
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