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  1. Well LE if it is winning you want look no further that the man that nationalpastime has mentioned. You want to get back to winning DCs you hire the man that can run an offense and the run a truck across the state hauling animals across the state for the Ag department. If you need a boat he will go pick it up for you as well. He will also get your golf team back on the right track.
  2. Division 2 School in Colorado usually pretty salty football team
  3. Only if white oak beats Gladewater
  4. Mineola beat Mt Vernon so if they finish with the same record they would be 3 and Mt Vernon would be 4
  5. Did Columbus get 2nd or 3rd in district last year? And don't those two districts meet in round one?
  6. Ef is ahead of Waskom since they beat them. Also Pewit just beat New Boston. If Pewit wins out then they would get 4th.
  7. The under the radar team that everybody seems to be forgetting are the purple eagles from Newton Texas.
  8. Sub Varsity scores Tatum 7th 0 West Rusk 0 Tatum 8th 26 West Rusk 18 Tatum jv 16 West Rusk 0
  9. And still played in the game.
  10. Tatum 9th 14 Center 9th 26 Tatum jv 38 Center jv 8
  11. Don’t take no lip off no bartender
  12. Waskom 2020 and 21 was pretty solid. Franklin 2015 2020 Idalou 2015 East Bernard 2015 Sonora 2014 Wall 2013 were all pretty solid as well
  13. Can you just buy an online copy or do you have to buy a subscription to the website?
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