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  1. 42 40 DeKalb 1 26 left. From where I'm sitting it looked like the 2 pt try was good but officials said just short. Edgewood just got the onside kick.
  2. Ma'am? Hey girl, no snap judgment on my part. You called a high school football player a thug. Do you know him?
  3. He is not a thug and you shouldn't say that. You don't even know him and you weren't there to see how the whole play transpired. I would never come on here and call one of your players a thug. He is a kid playing in an emotional rivalry game and you are, at least I assume you are, a grown man and you should act like it. Be better.
  4. SS boys defeated Hallsville this afternoon 52-49.
  5. SS boys gave up a big old lead in the 4th and lost to MP 53-51. SS girls lost big to MP.
  6. Thanks! I found the game on Longview Gameday on Facebook.
  7. Longview fans, does Longview livestream their basketball games? I checked NFHS and didn't see one for tonight. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. BI-DISTRICT Sulphur Springs vs. Jacksonville 7:30 PM Friday Feb 19th @ Hallsville High School
  9. Nothing against Coach Willard, but I really thought they would go with Coach Cooper, who was previously the head coach and AD at Gatesville for several years. I hope Coach Cooper doesn't leave now.
  10. Sulphur Springs boys and girls both defeated Hallsville. Boys score: 60-46. Girls score: 33-29
  11. @Mavchampthe Sulphur Springs girls record is 6-3.
  12. MP defeated SS 44-41 on a 3 point buzzer beater in overtime. Quite possibly one of the worst high school games I have ever watched. Both teams were equally bad. How the heck MP is undefeated is beyond me. Luckily for MP, they were just a little less terrible than SS at the buzzer tonight.
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