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  1. You know you've been on here for a long time when a JRowe reference still makes you laugh.
  2. I'm "old school" and watched Earl Campbell and JT win state in 1973 inside the "comfy" confines of the Astrodome, obviously on astroturf.
  3. That's not a homer pick. My oldest played against Hector when he was still at Gilmer. The guy was impressive in every way, on the diamond and off.
  4. Here's one I saw on the txhighschoolbaseball site that had me wondering if somebody got ticked off during the "site selection process". W12 North Dallas (14-9) vs F11 Hillsboro (10-12-1) Game 1: May 7 – 7:00 – @ Hillsboro Game 2: May 8 – 12:00 – @ Texarkana Pleasant Grove HS Game 3: May 8 – 30 Min after Game 2
  5. They are generally on top of things and in the past they have posted on here. Glad they got it sorted out.
  6. Txhighschoolbaseball.com always does a good job. I've used their site since they were 3abaseball only. But they got 16-4a 4a district records all jacked up. They play a 12 game district schedule but somehow SH and Kilgore show 13 and playing each other 3 times.
  7. Bullard's Smith throws yet another no-hitter. Bullard clinches 1st. Lindale beat Kilgore to set the 3rd and 4th place spots. Spring Hill beats Cumberland and gets 2nd. 1 game left in district.
  8. Spring Hill beat Kilgore 8-2 Monday night. Kilgore is now in sole possession of 4th place with a game against 3rd place Lindale tonight.
  9. I haven't seen any other than the summer stuff. I got to see the Kilgore game, but that's all I've seen this year.
  10. Yep. For sure. He no-hit the 3 teams currently tied for 2nd in the first round of district. (Lindale, Kilgore and SH)
  11. Agree. Tuesday was my first time to watch this year. Very impressive.
  12. JT did not have their name changed because somebody thought it was offensive. JT had their name changed because Lee was deemed offensive.
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