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  1. Personally, I'm just happy to see the young men playing for a district championship. Their hard work is paying off.
  2. lmbo!!! you guys are toooo funny.
  3. be careful blessed, you might make a fat boy smile with an offer like that!
  4. well you know my fat butt is as well and my ever grayer hair is making it even easier.....lol
  5. i'll be there big hoss and i'll be looking for you.
  6. I personally know both card1988 and ronster23. I can tell you card1988 is a great guy and has great sons. There are a lot of things that go on at our schools(both) that we are not proud of....card, you should of been given an apology without anyone having to ask. This was a horrible accident that never should of happened. ronster is a great guy too.....you guys just happen to be great supporters of your schools and sons. hoping no one gets injured this year in what has become a great rivalry between two schools that are trying to do it the "right" way!
  7. to Hunt and Skelly, what a great sr. year. so very proud of the job you guys have done in your high school careers! to the rest of the team, you guys lose 3 seniors this year, but i have no doubt you will come back strong again next year. thanks for doing our district proud.
  8. thank you for your kind words about austin and good luck to you guys the rest of the way!
  9. what a great game! if i had to watch my boys go out, at the very least, i got to watch it in a great game! that's the way baseball should be played! with respect for each other and love for the game! congrats to yuga and coach branch! and to overton guys, i enjoyed every minute and thank you for the memories!
  10. i thought yuga played a great "team first" game. no one tried to do too much in their AB's. just hit the ball to the right side and moved runners around into scoring position and waited on us to make mistakes. johnson pitched well and was what we thought he would be. i didn't hear anything about nash's curve before hand, but it had to be 10 to 12 mph slower then his fastball and broke very well across the zone. i thought it was very deceptive and a nice change of pace after gearing up for johnson. congrats to yuga on game 1 and we will see you on friday.
  11. Colmesneil? Cushing? Douglass? Broaddus?
  12. congrats to coach jackson and mineola on a good year! congrats T!
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