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  1. I just heard about the opening. What happened to Cook? Who is on the short list for this gem in East Texas
  2. I bet they will be up and running once their district play starts. Good staff, and they will get them rolling.
  3. Hmmmmm........ Did move, or never left????????
  4. I just hope the tigers came out of the indoor this week to get used to the weather. There were way to many cramps on the field. I would like to think an all star staff would have thoes boys in better condition.
  5. Hey, why in the #### am I at a baseball game?
  6. Will the sup hire from within, or go outside? When the baseball coach left, the assistant soccer coach got the job. Is the assistant tennis coach ready for his shot?
  7. ..... or the button on the remote to your mouth!!
  8. Sounds like he needs to work in the Sups. office then.
  9. Does not matter, I hear Hallsville has some "killer" prospects moving in. Bi-district is theirs
  10. Prove me wrong - Give me a list of a FEW high school staffs there. I bet none of the local 5A and 4A's are there
  11. You are right. All the TV and Radio ads will bring in a lot of Pee Wee coaches in. The TRUTH is.... you will be hard pressed to find any local High School staffs in attendance. and as far as names go.... Straw - Hmmmmm what are they used for???? Yup the name fits!
  12. A clinic by the A&M coaches at a private school that is trying to bring in athletes from other area schools? I bet it is Packed :thumbdown:
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