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  1. Sorry late response. Man we are good. Boys are growing up way to fast. I’m back mud engineering in south Texas now. Probably won’t catch any Texas games this year with my son being a sr. Hard to believe it too. My monster is all grown now.
  2. Working in Texas but family is still in Va. My 18 year old will be a sr. He’s got 9 schools so far 6 for rb 2 for qb and 1 for safety. The 16 year old is hot on his heels but all offers at MLB.
  3. Man not much. How are you bubba
  4. Nick we will have to agree to disagree on Arp vs Troup. It’ll be an epic match between those two this year.
  5. Kincade at Troup will be Amazing to watch.
  6. West Rusk Arp Troup GS or Winona
  7. From what I’m hearing is great numbers for summer workouts. Lots of enthusiasm with the changes as well.
  8. Not sure. I know the Lance Langenbau kid OL 6’5 296lbs Hunter Nash 6’1 205 will play next level. Other than that I’m not sure. Love the smart remark. Funny how that bs statement is from back when y’all all said Kyle Copeland and 4 more kids that ended up going D1 just like I said and had great college experiences. Anything else you want to know. Look out for QB Frank Smith Arp. He’s the real deal. Big Arm accurate and can fly!
  9. Arp will be better IMO. Qb they have returning and that whole group of kids are solid all the way thru. Good size and speed this year. I think they will once again contend for the district this year. They were really young last year so I see them improving off of last years season.
  10. Arp will be a fun Darkhorse to follow this season.
  11. Winkie Williams and the Dekalb Offense. fun to watch
  12. Fun game to watch actually. Both teams put up some huge plays. Wouldn’t be shocked if both had 400 plus yards tonight. Dehalb caught the bounces and they’re offense was pretty good tonight. Really proud of the Tigers season. Glad to see those Tigers have a Great season!
  13. Yessir y’all too. Just got in town last night. Super excited to see tonight’s game
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