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  1. Y’all know that Jackson comes from a long line of college family. Love his daddy and family like my own.
  2. Won’t happen lol Yall might win 1 lol
  3. Much better district this year than last.
  4. Poor kids ran out of Gas in the 4th but gave up a great effort. Was proud of Team and Staff.
  5. I think Arp just came to play a Rival game.
  6. Well that’s a wrap. Scared the fire out you Raiders tho. Good luck this year! Jj is out
  7. Arp is literally having to start freshman
  8. Carlisle is the equivalent of the 2010 DF tigers. Joaquin is watching old school Pewitt dominate.
  9. Carlisle would Treat WR bad as they wanted too.
  10. WR just got a few more kids on the sideline.
  11. Teneha and WR are a lot alike.
  12. I think WR would be winless vs Arps pre season schedule.
  13. Oh yeah how’s that going so far
  14. Arp got 4 Freshman playing too.
  15. Half WR 35 Arp 27 Good game. Both offenses are way better than they’re defense lol
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