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  1. And it takes a special kind of stupid to screw up their athletic tradition. And yet they managed........
  2. So let's update shall we? PP 0-10 Athletic Trainer arrested for "improper contact" with student Sup forced to resign for trying to cover it up.. Yeah I would say the former AD that bailed on this got out in the nick of time.
  3. Unless they have made upgrades Clarksville has the worst everything. Not even close.
  4. Well the fact is Mack did not make a play. I just did not remember which side of the ball it was on. LOL
  5. Yeah I got it wrong. Sue me. I retired six years ago and coaching and games kinda went into the delete file.
  6. Number of times A week since 2014 That Gladewater fans wish that Dylan Mack had made the stop on fourth down vs Gladewater in Lobo Stadium
  7. Anyone who thinks King is not a good coach needs to watch Hallmark. They clearly know nothing about football. Thank God I am retired now. Idiot parents and administrators drove me out.
  8. If so I stand corrected. I am not down in that area anymore so I do not really keep up with them these days. When I did they were only known for not performing the way tey should. They SHOULD be a three round team every year.
  9. This would be the first time in forever that someone accused Palestine of being a tough draw. Most underperforming program in Texas. Could not win a playoff game with Adrian Petersen toting the mail and if they have won one since it will be news to me.
  10. I was wondering the same. I could not care less what they say to each other but I have been busted for WAY less.
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