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  1. Does he have a way of running The Bone for a six man program?
  2. I used to be a Wing T guy. I would have liked to have seen that.
  3. I would run so hard and fast in the opposite direction from this job.......... Hubbard will be six msn before long.
  4. Brother I am so glad that I am retired.
  5. If you were an AD would you want the girls parents picking your girls coordinator?
  6. I just heard back from a couple of sources. That is exactly what it was. The girl athlete parents told the Sup who they wanted and the Sup told the former HC his pick was not going to get hired.
  7. You do me a favor and go down the list of the very best 3A programs in the state of Texas who are successful in everything and let me know how many go that route. At the same time I will make a list of all the loser programs that insist on a Girls "Coordintator" who win in little if anything. For every school you find I can find twenty. And there are VERY few AD's that will have their choice of coaching hires rejected who will not resign immediately. FOR ANY AD to stick around when the Sup / Board have zero clue about chain of command is really completely unfathomable to anyone in the profession. Also in most cases in a 3A school only one person coaches one sport. That is the AD. IF you add a girls cood. then that person will also coch one sport. because they are now an Administrator, 3A schools need another Admin like they need a hole in their head. Not to even mention you now have to come up with anpther coach which usually means a coach has to pick up a FOURTH sport,
  8. I worked for numerous former Coaches who became Administrators. With only one one or two exceptions when you checked out their coaching record they could not cut it as a coach that is why they went into Admin. They were lousy Admin too.
  9. Sounds like something a totally gutless eunuch and neutered Superintendent would say. Texas HS's hire many HFC's every year. I wonder how many of the schools that hired new HC's did something like that on "advice of an attorney"? I know how many do not. That would be ALL of the schools that value the role that athletics serves the kids and have winning programs.
  10. While true it is not like that one transfer pulled Decatur out of being everyones Homecoming Date. If you look you will see that Decatur has gone at least three rounds deep and further, five of the last six years, And the only reason they missed out on that one season where they did not was because batcrap crazy volleyball parents who thought their darling children should not be disciplined after getting drunk at the State Volleyball Tournament ran for school board with the express purpose of firing the AD. Then after they successfully got the HC run off (in june no less) they had to go with an interim who while is a good guy, he was not ready for that position. While they might not have made it five rounds without the Palmer kid they dang sure would have made it three and maybe four. The James kid was the real deal too plus they had another kid that could have given them a TB better than 75% of 4A programs they could have moved over from defense. Not to even mention there were two sophomores on this years JV that would start for most programs. Decatur has been kicking butt and taking names in practically every sport for almost two decades now,
  11. The world will not be the same with no Old High. I hate change.
  12. If there had been a runner on third I would give her the benefit of the doubt. There was not. That purely and completely intentional. Should have been booted from the game.
  13. The Sup is not a PP guy. he was HS Principal for several years and got the big key ring three years ago. Total yes man for the board. He barely survived the Surgery to become an Administrator where they remove half your brain, both your balls, and your entire spine.
  14. you gotta admit, they are good at that.
  15. I know a guy that interviewed there a year ago. he got told by Admin that "PP is no longer a football school". He couldn't get out of there fast enough.
  16. From what I am hearing school board hired the weakest sup they could find so the board could micro manage every decision. Story as old as time
  17. I know without fail the best offense for a program to be running. And it works EVERY time. The best offense is the offense is your kids can execute. Period. End of story, Some places need to be running Wing T or Bone. Some Slot T. Some Various forms of spread. Some I. The question is which one fits your kids.
  18. Stay FAR away from this one. Administration is not supportive of athletics.
  19. Good luck to whoever wins this jackpot. History says they will need it.
  20. Coach Wood is one of the best defensive minds I ever worked against. Heckuva a guy too.
  21. Having Coached in everything from 2a-6a, IMHO it is harder to win the higher the level. That is just my take on it.
  22. How long has this job been open?
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