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  1. A bunch of teachers got paid for not teaching from March through May. Some did Remote Teaching but many did not.
  2. THey made a good hire. Guy can coach. What I would worry about is how Clarksville is drying up and blowing away. The last time I was in the area six years ago they did not have a JV Team for four years running. I doubt that has changed. Hard to build a program when you only have twenty kids out for football 9-12. Also unless they have updated their facilities are some of the worst in the area. I hate to see it happen to a community like Clarksville but the sad truth is that small towns are growing smaller all over Texas.
  3. More kids die from car wrecks. Shootings. Flu. Pneumonia. Cancer. Heck I bet Lightning strikes are way up there. Drowning. I could go on for quite awhile about the VERY long list of things kids are more at risk of than Corona. Lets cancel everything. Keeping all kids at home from now on until they are 18 is obviously the only choice we have. After all if we can save only one life isn't that what matters most?
  4. Ok I stand corrected. The newspaper stories alone of the stellar job that Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are doing with their schools is just STAGGERING. Oh wait. It's not. I am not a fan of standardized testing. But it does do things like show whether or not kids can read or count. And the vast majority of inner city school kids are woefully unprepared for life as an adult. Where being able to read and count is kind of important. I can list you a BUNCH of reason why the big city districts are garbage. For starters what the amount of money they spend not directly related to the classroom is disgusting. For that matter the big city districts spend more than places like say..... Celina for example, how is that investment paying off? DISD alone has had MULTIPLE people go to prison for things like stealing from the district. But if you want to make the case that they are doing a great job be my guest. The number of Charter Schools alone that have LONG waiting lists to get in so that kids have a chance at a decent education is astounding. As far as me moving anything "somewhere else?" Blow it out your ear poindexter. Stay on the short bus and don't forget your hockey helmet. You can't fade the heat of another blow to the head. You don't like what I have to say move it on down the road and don't read my posts. The fact that you can probably means you did not go to an inner city school or if you did you were able to get into a Charter School.
  5. I cannot see AAU football getting organized in any meaningful way this late. At this point I don't see any fall sports being played. Everyone in any position of authority has turned coward. Not that they were that brave to begin with.
  6. My prediction is that Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio will cancel Fall Sports and every other district in Texas will fall in line like good little lemmings. Just like they did when school was cancelled in the Spring.
  7. Well then we certainly need to cancel all sports then because the death rate from Flu and the fact that even young kids are vulnerable to it are putting granny and grandpa at risk not to even mention the kids. Everyone should just stay at home until the first Wednesday in November when miraculously this pandemic will vanish into thin air. The fact that the CDC has already removed the "Epidemic" status from this trainwreck should tell you all that you need to know.
  8. Look at Test Scores in every big city in Texas.
  9. This will all be over on the second Wednesday in November. It will be a miracle how quick it goes away. This is the greatest debacle in the history of the USA. Schools in Texas NEVER should have closed in the first place.
  10. Having been in this situation a couple of times it sounds like to me that someone from RS that was influential in the community or related to the right people had a kid that did not get to score enough TD's or get the credit that his family thought he deserved. Lived it and seen it too many times to count. The oldest thing in the world. Jealousy. That and small town politics. I;ve even seen coaches lose their job because they went to the wrong church. There is a BUNCH of AWESOME things about small Town Texas. But make no mistake there is plenty of petty BS too.
  11. Yeah let me know how this goes for PP. Let's see.......how did they do and the community react the LAST time they abandoned the SLot-T?
  12. This place is the poster child for how not to win. PrarieLand for the Consolation prize. This is no way a reference to the new HFC. From those I know he is a good coach. Good luck brother. You are going to need it.
  13. The QUICKEST thing that will kill an Athletic Program are Sups and School Board Members who do no respect the Chain of Command. Little Johnny;s 7th grade football coach busts his for acting like a little jerk in the classroom and Mommy calls the Sup or School Board and instead of them telling her to call the Coach himself or call the HC they listen to her complaints. #Loservilleforever
  14. He is a great guy and a helluva coach. If they ran him off they are fools.
  15. That would be a great plan. Because SO many winning programs in Texas have the Girls BB Coach as the AD. LOL My God what is in the water in some of these communities?
  16. If Alex Richters cannot win there nobody can. He was doing everything right for every program. Worked the kids hard and was sound on offense and defense. Some places just do not want to win. That's ok. The good programs need Homecoming Opponents. The community has the exact athletic program they deserve. I hope they enjoy their new coach until they run him off. If they want to know what is wrong there the locals need to go look in the mirror.
  17. Aint nothing wrong with OAP OR football players playing at halftime. What will kill an Athletic Program quicker than anything are HC's that only coach one sport. Not having a unified strength and conditioning program during the athletic period and all athletic practices after school. Not having an Administration that is supportive of the Athletic Program in general and the Coaching Staff specifically. School Board members that will take phone calls from parents about playing time will kill you quicker than Cancer too. Ag Teacher needs to be supportive of Athletics and Coaches need to support Ag as best they can. You need parents who dont and moan when Little Johnny comes home sore from lifting weights. These are just a few.
  18. Baylor is the least of his worries. Just this year MV got put on probation for having a coach on staff that was not a school employee.
  19. Im doing great. Lost my wife right after we moved back to Denton three years ago. Just got remarried over the summer and moved to Decatur. Great town. Just had both my knees replaced thinking about maybe getting back into coaching. How are the Lions Looking?
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