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  1. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/california-school-principal-calls-police-on-4-year-old-child-for-not-wearing-a-mask/
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-heads-back-delaware-beach-house-building-500k-taxpayer-funded-security-fence Almost half a million for a fence at the “Big Guys” 2.7 million dollar mansion…. FYI … this is the “Big Guys” summer home….not sure how much the family estate is worth
  3. I went to the Trump casino in Atlantic City back in the 90’s…really nice…but they would change out the decks of cards and dealers real quick if you got on a hot streak…Caesar’s would just let it ride….I guess I should hold that against Trump…Orange man bad!!!!
  4. Your hatred of an effective leader is duly noted….
  5. “Some people who are pretty fanatical”….so where are the arrests….if they made threats they should be held accountable….quit trying to paint all conservatives with a broad brush…this sounds like someone who took a job that they are not capable of….
  6. Should be a good game, Canton’s new HC Ragle was an Asst. at Mineola the last 4 years and was prior HC at Eustace. Good luck and Go Jackets!!!
  7. Week 1 games: MV @ Quinlan Ford Edgewood @ Commerce Canton @ Mineola Lone Oak @ Rains Paul Pewitt @ Winnsboro Pottsboro @ Van Alstyne S &S Con. @ Bonham
  8. Mineola @ Caddo Mills scrimmage Jackets O first series looked crisp and sliced through CM Def. 70 yds for TD mixing run and passing. CM started getting mouthy with Pendergrass and he promptly ran over their LB at the goal line for the TD. Jacket D looked good against CM 1‘s but the Jacket DB’s let some reciever’s get behind them but they either dropped the ball or it was off target. That can be worked on before next week. I’m encouraged by the size of the JV players…they have some that also played with the varsity and they did a good job. Overall I’m ready to see how this season plays out, if the Jackets can stay healthy they will compete with anyone…GO JACKETS!!!!
  9. I keep reading the headline…and I have to keep reminding myself that the Bee is a satire site….because it sounds like a real story
  10. New turf and track surface at Mineola http://www.woodcountymonitor.com/stories/new-improved-surfaces-give-mineola-stadium-facelift,161415
  11. I’ve been required to be a union member for my job for the last 30 years….union politics is the same as DC…empire building so you can have layers of people below you too protect your job is what it’s all about….
  12. If the title of this story said….Black,Hispanic,Asian,Alphabet soup group,etc would be layed-off first…..this thread would already be 10 pages long…..I’m surprised they didn’t single out Straight White Males as the first too be let go…. Marxist/Socialist henchmen doing what they do best….separate groups and pit them against each other
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