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  1. https://www.axios.com/2022/11/23/colorado-club-shooting-suspect-non-binary-attorneys-say So a person with gender dysphoria went to a club for people with gender dysphoria and started shooting….sounds like a rainbow on rainbow situation
  2. Off course there's nothing political about this.....right Barry...........
  3. Congrats to the Zebras…they were just bigger, faster, stronger…they’re Def. Line was stout and the LB’s filled the running lanes and tackled well. Also congrats to Dawson for an incredible HS career…he did whatever he was asked to do which will be a good thing to carry over to College… go luck The truth is the Jackets would not have beat Bullard or Commerce without him and probably would have a hard time beating Rains or Bonham….next season will be tough
  4. Best of luck to the Roughnecks in their search…
  5. Can’t find much info but I think this might be the first time Mineola and Grandview will have played each other…. Going to be a cold one, I think the Jackets can pull it off if they get after the Zebra’s. Will be a tall order against that dynamic Off. Is it Friday yet??? GO JACKET’S!!!!
  6. Last game the poll was 90% Jeffy to 10% Minny….I guess it will be the same this week. Same as last week look for the Jackets to try and grind down the clock and play keep away…can’t afford any turnovers…hope they work on securing the ball when running in a crowd. Jacket Def. Will have there hands full…they really need to go get the ball when it’s in the air and get some INT’s…Let’s Go Jackets!!!!
  7. Well now that my fingers have thawed…tough night for the Dogs with the fumbles but that how it goes with that constant drizzle and wet ball…Jackets did what they had to do to win and on to next week…Go Jackets!!!
  8. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2022/11/11/nolte-paramount-show-the-good-fight-has-character-accuse-ron-desantis-of-sexual-assault/ So the attacks have already started....
  9. Looks like it will be raining the whole game....will come down to who can hold onto the ball and not turnover....Go luck and everyone be safe travelling to and from...
  10. Congrats to Dawson….he’s done everything he’s been asked for by the Jackets this year…hope that they play a great game tomorrow https://www.woodcountymonitor.com/stories/pendergrass-leads-state-in-rushing-yards-and-touchdowns-and-second-in-scoring,161813
  11. If it were up to Libtard demo’s they would make everyone who owns firearms have to Barney Fife it….only have one round that you keep in your pocket
  12. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2022/11/07/marine-corps-247th-birthday-message-emphasizes-confidence-lethality/ Semper Fidelis….
  13. The MSM…the pollsters…the RINO’s hate Trump(and anyone who supports him) and will not allow another outsider conservative Republican to win POTUS ever again…. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/09/24/liz-cheney-texas-tribune-festival/amp/ “Whatever it Takes”………geee I wonder what she means
  14. Jackets will have to play clean…no fumbles…no false starts…no blocks in the back down field that kills a huge gain. They have been working on playing keep away and trying to kill the clock…will have to work that all night and not get behind And defense has to step way up and get some stops… if Jefferson scores on every possession the Jackets will have a long night
  15. Mineola at Commerce rescheduled to Sat. At 8pm after the University game
  16. They are supposed to play tonight…but the weather might push it to tomorrow
  17. Mineola still has to beat Commerce….and that is not a lock
  18. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/russell-brand-on-fire/ come on libtard/Rino globalists…dispute what he is saying
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