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  1. I dunno...4a or not...Carthage football is a machine
  2. Guyer '08 and Katy '97 OLine was pretty damn big also
  3. Watch it! The Lobo apologist might call you out for saying such truthful thangs
  4. I really liked the soph Qb. He needs a little weight but he had heart. He gonna be a good player
  5. Unexpected win had to be vs Lufkin. Not that I didn't think Longview would win but the absolute domination shocked everyone. Loss to Aledo. Much respect to their great program but I honestly believed Longview had the better team this year.
  6. Yes! But he tore his whole hamstring off his leg and missed entire football season. I just wonder if injury like that will hamper him rest of his career. If he is fully all go...woooweee man. Crazy a player that damn talented with the ball in his hands might not see the field until his senior season
  7. All Longview needs is to get all of their talent involved next year
  8. I thought Longview/Westbrook had 48,500 or sumthg close to that...?
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