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  1. It gonna be real interesting come next season! Like when Haynes was a Soph...but Carter and Lawson were already at the position. King has a dilemma brewing...
  2. @ANTI enuff with the foolishness and gone give us projected starting offense and defense 2021 Lobos
  3. I think so about next year... Longview always looks so "scrimmage playbook" everytime I watch them. Even with the amount of games we win every year the offense still is very predictable and stopable if the other team has the horses and the balls to mix it up with us. Only time the playbook was open was '18 and '19. King is a awesome coach and a motivator but he is very stubborn. Sometimes we just can't impose Lobo will on everybody. A little finesse is sometimes needed. Looking for 2 ships b4 the GOAT leaves...
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