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  1. Wat is crazy is through 4 games he carried it a total of 48 times...
  2. Jonathan Gray...what's he up to? I hadn't seen a more dominant HS running back since Cedric Benson
  3. I wouldn't worry bout that lose too much man. Longview whole team has been prepping for this moment for last 2 years. The next 5 years Longview should be great! They kids coming up are absolute studs! Seen them with my own eyes. Not saying we will win 5 in a row but teams not gonna wanna see Lobos on their schedule. If that one position stays solid and healthy...we got a good damn shot this year.
  4. LP will be the 2nd place team in this district... Write it down take a picture I said what I said
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Shadow Creek make it to state their first year varsity?
  6. Yes Marshall Qb would prolly have to "compete" on Lobos fish squad for the job. I was more on the running backs both teams have. I think McNorth had a big freshman rotating in last year
  7. We will get 7 first downs called back on us. And lawd forbid we even get a touchdown...that might warrant an ejection of that player, King, a couple of cheerleaders, and all of Lobos deep snappers! It's gonna be a rough night Friday.
  8. LP back looks heavier than 210...Tatum looks less than 205
  9. Cause I think they made the mistake of singling up on him. And Qb was on his game that night. He had the 80 yard catch and run that inflated his stats some wat but no mistake he has to be accounted for at all times. Longview sometimes tries to force it to him. That's why I'm still iffy about Qb. Seems to still have only one read.
  10. JT would rather look good and lose than be ugly and win...
  11. Welp...gotta abandon the Power I and jump str8 to 3 and 4 wide cause we already down 14 this week...
  12. Outsider looking in I think it starts at the top. I said this last year...if the CEO ain't professional then the workers not gonna be. Too much swag and not enuff substance. Just str8 up like that.
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