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  1. When you run the 400m consistently in practice and meets you get stronger and faster. Kids are scared to run the open quarter these days...smh
  2. Man as soon as I heard "intercepted by willie andrews"...I cut it off. Nurp! Not gone be able to do it nomo
  3. Lions would have prolly 2 more tds but y'all run defense was not good. HP gashed y'all pretty good with the run. So the more Cujo scored the more HP prolly scored
  4. Man looking at the region match ups looks to be some good damn games! Hell would it be crazy to say the state champ is coming outta this bracket?? I think Lobos have a punchers chance but they have to be able to run the ball and protect the play-action. And also again...shout out and respect to mcnorth for softening up college station for their next opponent. 49-0 really showed this region the blueprint for beating CS...
  5. Say that again...Garland...and see if ya mouth don't blow up
  6. @LoboFan07 I'm kinda face HP is prolly gone. Longview couldn't win one against them and that ####. Same way with LT. Maybe Lobos can get to that 3rd match up
  7. @JETT man it really is shameful that Tyler is city over 100,000 and this type of product comes out. Especially Legacy!
  8. Somebody said on here it's too much damn talent in Tyler for things to be going down like this. I've always believed TISD has had just as much talent as Longview...maybe even better but you have to coach your talent up. I don't know Holmes personally but just from how I've heard he's always on Twitter and and his persona from interviews he looks like the "look at me I'm cool and fly asf..." coach. Like a great value Mike Tomlin...
  9. OVERTHROW?! I'll pay you if you find a 12 overthrow of any Lobo receiver...
  10. Longview keep bs'ing around somebody else could be joining him...
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